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52 Responses

  1. Saberspark says:

    Check out http://rocketmoney.com/saberspark or scan the QR code on the screen to start managing your personal finances today. Thank you to Rocket Money for sponsoring today’s video!

    • Jackson Teller says:

      @Stolas not everyone who likes this show is a “paid shill” loser

    • linchen wild says:

      Hi sabersparks or sabersparkcommunity. You should check out lackadaisy here on YouTube. I’m sure this will become like a second Helluva Boss here. The Animation is just decent!

    • Stolas says:

      @Jackson Teller paid shill

    • Stolas says:

      @HunterCool22 this yes

    • Stolas says:

      @Braxton Jones this is all stuff saberspark refuses to acknowledge and he needs to be called out for it.

      The problem is he is part of the problem he contributes to it by not being able to separate himself from that bubble of those miserable perpetually offended leeches he tries to appease with these types of videos.

      He needs to pull his head out of his @ss. The criticism is for his benefit not mine. If I didn’t care I wouldn’t tell him this stuff. But I want him to be better as a content creator and learn when it’s best to get off his soapbox and look at the perspectives of others for once.

  2. Manny the Headless Meme-Horse says:

    What I hate about these “mature” adult shows is that they usually pointlessly portray the characters as jerks. Like adults can’t relate to people who are kind to each other or anything 😒

    • Fat Cat says:

      @Stonelover 180 That’s effective when the characters are actually enjoyable to watch. You can make great characters out of terrible people, but it takes skill and consideration that Velma team seems to not have.

    • Iamlonely527 says:

      And they said that High Guardian Spice was awful.

    • ToasterSnail says:

      @StarTheAngel THIS FR, like there is actual writing around eric for him to be a jerk that makes sense. Like how he’s selfish and spoiled, its not shallow and its actually comedic. With Velma it feels like she just hates people for no reason at all, like the writing for her is dull.

    • SiRenfield says:

      @Rubii Toxic 🤘 Just need to wait for the movie later this year and we can forget this show ever happened (that and Venture Bros)

    • Ingisen says:

      Guess that’s reality for a lot of young adults today. No kindness, no trust, no close in-person network, etc

  3. M. G. says:

    They did Fred so dirty, and it hurts my soul. Not because of toxic masculinity, but because he was one of the few characters who accurately represented jocks in media.
    Jocks and gym bros are not _bad._ I was actually surprised when I first started working out at the amount of people willing to give me a hand, and who reassured me that I needn’t be ashamed of not being able to lift a lot of weight. For whatever reason, however, Hollywood _hates_ them. Jocks always get portrayed as dumb or mean, when in reality most of them are the exact opposite. Fred was the exception to this rule, and he got absolutely butchered. The creators didn’t do anything “subversive” by making him an idiot, because that’s the standard in this industry.

  4. IronThreads says:

    The irony is that they’re trying for Velma to be depicted as a fish out of water surrounded by negative stereotypes and fools, when she actually is the worst product of the environment she criticises. She is shallow, toxic, playing for advantage and hates anyone doing better than her. She is the worst individual in the show, and the fact Kaling celebrates this character shows how radioactive she is as a real person.

  5. Raymond Fagan says:

    The best part about the Johnny Bravo crossover was when they bumped into each other and both lost their glasses. Velma, of course, said “my glasses! I can’t see without my glasses!” Johnny, on the other hand, was all “my glasses! I can’t be seen without my glasses!” 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Dara O. says:

    yknow what, as a poc i DO have a problem with the race switching. I don’t have a problem with the concept itself but i hate the fact that they only do it for brownie points or to tick off a box or something. it’s like they think that having a poc character absolves them of actually having to write them well. it feels so disingenuous and i doubt anybody actually feels represented by this. But also in general, i wish people would just write more stories about poc instead of just taking already established white characters and making them poc. That way the storylines and character backgrounds will feel more genuine to a poc. race swapping is just lazy and the worst form of representation imo. And lowkey same with the sexuality thing too (once again speaking as a queer person) like you can make them gay but don’t act like that automatically makes them groundbreaking or even a good character 😭

    • ShimizuSapphire says:

      That’s not representation, most of them are racist stereotypes that includes Daphne being Asian

    • Dank Memery says:

      @Sparxychu he was talking about the chuds who hated on the show for making it ‘woke’ via race swapping, aka the assholes who hate the show because theres poc main characters

    • Luna Miku says:

      How about we call it for what it really is which is Pocwashing

      Calling it a Race Swapping it too generous and not to mention quite the double standards since *if* Velma is Originally a Black Character that is turned White you wouldn’t call it Race Swapping but straight up say it’s Whitewashing

    • Gamersunite says:

      @celinathehottie  Lmao. “Context.” You couldn’t pick up context if it ran you over like a truck. You already don’t consider the majority of the points people are making. It’s quite ironic that you would mention that context is important.

    • Hello_Zepp_ says:

      Preach sis👏👏

  7. DGMNparodox99 says:

    Mindy is the equivalent of that one dude who inserted himself into Powerpuff girls just to date blossom

  8. Kendra Ressler says:

    The problem is that the character of Velma Dinkley was changed not update to a modern era but to become Mindy Kaling’s self insert. At least in “I am not Starfire” comic the author Mariko Tamaki’s self insert Mandy (daughter of Starfire) was an original character; a terrible self-insert original character but still original. Mindy Kaling has appropriated the character Velma Dinkley to be her self-insert mouth piece, and that my opinion is worse.

  9. 2D's blue-ty shorts says:

    No offense but as a black person I literally laughed so hard at NoRViLLe’s design that I grew a six pack in a day. Like… Bruh. The problem isn’t black shaggy (although the race washing in this is its own can of worms of Oh No…), but the way that they manage to do it is so fucking funny like ain’t no way you look at that and go “yeah, that’s shaggy” they DEADASS got some random dude and threw a green shirt on him help 😭 I’ve seen some spectacular black Shaggy designs and I can even think of a few myself that I’d make and this just ain’t it.

    • K Ryuzaki says:

      I was trying to figure out for the longest time who the new guy replacing Shaggy was.

    • Meep Meep says:

      I fuckin KNEW there was something off about his design. “Random mf they put a green shirt on” is the best part way to describe him, and like half the other shaggy iterations

    • Apøllø says:

      Dude what do you mean… That’s definitely Shaggy. Don’t you remember Shaggy the guy… Who walks around being dull as fuck…. Yknow Shaggy the one that sends “VMs”….

      No but fr, I’ve seen better redesigns of Shaggy and that is… That’s definitely a Norville….

    • 0oop da scoop 215 says:

      In my head Canon norivlle is just a huge shaggy cosplayer and just cosplayes him 24/ 7

  10. omega volta says:

    Truly wholesome when the internet unanimously bands together to hate on one bad show

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