Buying a roller

Buying a roller

Buying a 1987 Galion VR84 vibratory roller:
0:00 into and move home.
3:20 Roll shale
5:30 roll some bluestone pieces into pothole.
6:54 2 years later working on electrical problem.
10:00 rolling over lawn mowers
15:20 Bring in garage to fix stuff, Dumpster Dave did more on his channel
24:05 Rolling rock
26:33 Replace skid steer track
29:35 Put out more shale, driveway maintenance, and rolling it
32:30 Loading on Daves truck to move to mountain property
35:00 Unload and start moving up hill, then getting it stuck
Getting it unstuck video: Coming soon

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24 Responses

  1. Grumpy Gus says:

    Awesome. Andrew is bringing “sketchy” back and violating engineered limits everywhere. Love the content.

  2. FarmCraft101 says:

    $8k for that was an amazing deal. Wish I could find one for that. I’m glad the roller stayed right side up. Had my doubts for a minute. Plus even I had high sphincter tone when it started pulling the skidder over the edge. Did you have to change your shorts? Look forward to part 2.

  3. MrDDDEEEZZZ Weldor says:

    Always a must-watch moment whenever Andrew gets a new machine!

  4. Graham Leslie says:

    Just a tip Andrew. Never vibrate the drum when the machine is stationary. It hammers the bearings in the vibrator housings on one area. I worked for Galion many years ago. All the best.

  5. John Mott says:

    Just another Academy Award video from the King! I have been following AC for years now and this one is the best for nail biting action!!!!! I can’t wait to see the outcome! Thanks Andrew for all you have done for all of your viewers through the years! Take care!

  6. Trevor M says:

    This video was freaking fantastic. From crushing mowers to several people almost dying multiple times. Awesome 😂

  7. Nacho De Paseo says:

    Any other youtuber makes a whole video just of the recovery of the ROller, Andrew does not. He is a jewel in this world of YouTube.

  8. Lenny Booth says:

    This is by far the best video that you put out. You actually show when things go South, and you do whatever you can to fix it. When the weather is extreme and shuts you down, you are determined to go back later to resolve the issue. Can’t wait to see your next video on this.

  9. Trevor Dennis says:

    Perhaps use the dozer to cut a new ramp up to the road. Not too steep, obviously, so a long(ish) ramp, but more important, keep it level. Use the big dozer to pull the roller, and the skidder winch to apply side load to keep it upright. Use multiple anchor points in case of another failure, and wait till things have dried out so the ground is harder and the tree roots have a better hold. Wrap the anchor points as close to the ground as possible to avoid applying leverage to the tree. Maybe time to invest in a heavy duty Yankum Rope of the size that Zach Millennial Farmer uses. I’d suggest asking Alan (of Yankum ropes) to sponsor Andrew, but I suspect he wouldn’t want to support Andrew’s ever more sketchy work practices. Note how he said ‘Time to put on the wheel chains’ AFTER the near disaster. A lot of hill farmers and forestry works are killed by being crushed under rolled equipment they are operating. Make sure you have at least one person standing back far enough to not get hurt so they can call 911.

  10. Dylan Z says:

    Admittedly one of the more creative ways I’ve seen Andrew remove undesirable trees

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