John the Baptist washes sins away #shorts

John the Baptist washes sins away #shorts

John the Baptist washes sins away #shorts

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24 Responses

  1. tobiewq - says:

    I’d rly want to be his friend lmao he looks so unconfident yet funny asf

  2. G4Zv2 says:

    This dude and his wardrobe are the only good things about YT shorts.

  3. Prissy Lovejoy says:

    Forgiveness of sins is Gods forgiveness not mans. Still have to suffer earthly judicial consequences but this is still hysterical and I can see what he was doing. Love this kid.

  4. Nehemiah Palmer says:

    “You know there’s a line, right?”
    “One dunk please”
    “Right this way”

  5. Zoe Guy says:

    This man has gonna place where no one is willing to go yet did, he deserves a medal

  6. bear says:

    The way he just awkwardly looks at the camera kills me everytime. As well as his wardrobe would be every costume ever made. And the british accent ties it all together.

  7. de ad says:

    me: *detonates a nuclear warhead*

    also me: *gets baptized*

    the whole military: darn it

  8. ignore my bbh pfp says:

    “How many costumes do you have in your closet?”

    Adrian: *Yes*

  9. Lizzy Noelle says:

    As a Christian I think this is funny… but in all serious that’s not how it works lol

  10. Scenic Fights says:

    His deadpan deliveries is what gets me all the time.

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