Juan Soto wins the Home Run Derby after a walk-off against Julio Rodríguez | HRD Final Round

Juan Soto wins the Home Run Derby after a walk-off against Julio Rodríguez | HRD Final Round

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31 Responses

  1. Leonardo da Vinci says:

    This was a classic. Two young stars in the MLB. Another accolade for Soto and a breakout performance by Rodríguez.

  2. Jim C. Goodfellas says:

    There are so many great young talents in baseball! Great to see Soto, Acuna, J-Rod and all these guys all competing in the HR Derby!

  3. Ron Yaffe says:

    What a time to be a fan of baseball!!! These young guys are so talented and many of them will become legends of the game! Congrats to Juan Soto and a great farewell to the GOAT Albert Pujols!!!

  4. MrCornCakez says:

    If you ever feel useless, just remember how the catcher feels during the home run derby 😂 amazing performance by these two.

  5. Brandon Mancia says:

    I really thought Julio was gonna win. That performance was truly amazing. Great derby overall. Congrats to Juan Soto!

  6. Ricardo Masvidal says:

    Seattle Mariners have a player to be excited for finally. This was still a huge win for JRod

  7. max spits fax says:

    This was my first time seeing a home run derby in person, and wow. It was so much fun watching JRod absolutely go off

  8. Bryce Harper says:

    Congrats Soto! Can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!

    • Juan Vargas says:

      Arriba dominicana

    • Crypto Chris says:

      No way the Yankees trade their top 4 prospects for Soto. That is what they are saying it will take to get a deal done.

    • Chamath Cooray says:

      @Yankees fan but Nestor is king Well, maybe you’re correct. But he’ll be the next Gallo if Yankees acquire him for sure.

    • Jaime Lannister says:

      @Bryce Harper yeah that’s why I don’t want him. Cool to have but not worth depleting our farm system for, and we need the young guys coming up and doing well to balance out the big players we spend on

    • Bryce Harper says:

      @Jaime Lannister y’all don’t really need him anyway if we’re being honest😆

  9. SHOTIME TV says:

    Julio did so well 🫶🏼

  10. XenoFireStar says:

    Kinda reminds me of ’19 when Pete won the trophy, but Vlad won the derby. Give Julio some credit for hitting 81 bombs.

    • SkyWasTaken2 8 says:

      @Benson A he hit 21 anyways so take it away it’s 20 and ahead of Julio

    • Anthony Macey says:

      @Sebastien Cousineau I don’t think this is true. Juan would have gassed faster than Julio actually did.

    • Luis Ruiz says:

      @RealFoxx not really. His salary is $700k this year. Finishing 2nd got home a 750k bonus. He won lol

    • Alex Puente says:

      @Ryan Pare I mean it’s Fenway and he’s a righty what do u expect, and don’t say anything abt the right part of the field being short too because Griffey didn’t hit no wall scrapers.

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