Judge finds Mackenzie Shirilla guilty of murder in deadly Strongsville crash that killed 2

Judge finds Mackenzie Shirilla guilty of murder in deadly Strongsville crash that killed 2

The verdict is in for 19-year-old Mackenzie Shirilla.

A judge found the Strongsville teen guilty of murder in the deadly 2022 crash that killed her boyfriend as well as another teen. Stay tuned for updates.

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51 Responses

  1. ieattofu68 says:

    How in the world does anyone move forward after committing such a horrific crime?

  2. ken mckee says:

    Accountability hurts..but not as much as the families who lost loved ones.

    • tRoy a says:

      Right. Why should u get away with this. It’s sad, but we all have to be judged for what we do. Even if u did not do it by mistake or not. She would be able to live her life in about 2-5 years for gd behavior . Those other people will never come back. She is lucky she has family to look forward to when she comes home. Probably get married and lives her life .

    • 65 CJ5 says:

      @tRoy a She ain’t coming home…

    • Teyae Talkin' says:

      🙏🙏Blessings forever GOD loves y’all too forever tell everyone you know and don’t know. Jesus loves y’all too forever. Teach everyone how to see and enjoy their blessings too foreveri

    • NerveBreaker says:

      Women ☕

  3. Jaxz says:

    Videos like this should be played in every High School classes around the country. All actions have consequences

  4. Matcha_Zuki says:

    If only pedophiles and rapists got harsh sentencing from judges.

  5. Michael Banfield says:

    She’s not crying for the people she killed. She’s not remorseful. She is crying about her consequences.

  6. Good Golly, Miss Lolly says:

    “We love you, baby”
    I bet the parents of the deceased wish they could say that one more time to their children

    • J B says:

      Absolutely. As a parent I would be devastated if either of my children were taken in this way. Everyone loses in this situation. I have no idea what her family is like or any of her background but I’ve no doubt that they feel a tremendous amount of pain, guilt and loss for everyone involved. Despite your best effort and parenting, your kids are still accountable for their actions.

    • Luther Parker says:


    • chanse Butwill says:

      Her parents didn’t kill them.
      Even though their daughter did a terrible thing, it’s unconditional love.

    • Hunter Bidens Plug says:

      She made an awful mistake . That’s what this is . I feel horrible because you can see in her face that she knows her whole life is done because of her idiocy . She will NEVER do something like this again , that’s for sure .

      She’s a little girl who took the lives of innocent people. She will always be that . I feel horrible about the entire situation.

    • John Anthony says:

      Oh you think? You just cracked the case with what they’re thinking.. you deserve a cookie capt. obvious.

  7. Junie Moon says:

    Incredible how quickly this case was finalized. Happened just a year ago, and the bench trial was one week long. My friend was murdered in 2018, and there STILL hasn’t been a trial for her killer. Wish the justice system was more consistent.

  8. Thamer Tanner says:

    Hadn’t heard of this so I looked it up, she was also charged with breaking into a church and vandalizing and desecrating it a few days prior to murdering two people. She was also charged with trafficking mushrooms and having a digital scale. Considering they can prove she drove the route ahead of time that’s premeditation and she admitted in the hospital that she was trying to kill all three of them. This whole case is just wild. Who in their right mind has an argument with their boyfriend and not only thinks I should kill him and myself and our friend but then after multiple days to think about it actually decides to carry through with it? This girl is clearly deeply unwell mentally and emotionally. I hope she is able to receive the help she so clearly needs while in prison. Condolences to the victims families.

  9. Bob Smith says:

    I hate it when perpetrators cry for their own selves.
    She refuses to shed a tear for her victims

    • Superior 120V says:

      Was thinking the same thing those tears are for herself

    • Trey Smith says:

      Not that I’m sympathetic for her in this situation but I’m pretty sure anyone would cry if they’re staring down life in prison

    • Joseph Kay says:

      @Trey SmithYea I’m not defending this price of fecal matter but anyone would cry in this situation guilty or not guilty. YouTube is full of armchair psychologists

    • Beth Ulrich says:

      she is a kid,-and made a HUGE MISTAKE,-you’d be crying too

    • Manu Lemoine says:

      when they cry you say they are crying for her and when she is not crying you say she is an emotionless monster. anyway you are criticizing!

  10. muh diversity says:

    She’s not crying for the people she killed, she’s crying for herself. That’s the way it works. This society seems to be creating more and more of these monsters at pace.

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