NBA 2K24 | Official Gameplay Trailer

NBA 2K24 | Official Gameplay Trailer

First look at the #NBA2K24 gameplay trailer 🔥 ProPLAY delivers authentic moves from real NBA game film.

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42 Responses

  1. Corey says:

    Draymond guarding Poole you can’t tell me that’s not intentional😭


    I like the concept, just have a weird feeling we’re going to be getting pulled into even more animations as if we didn’t like getting pulled into posters

  3. Ben Sampson says:

    The gameplay looks slowed down and more smooth. I’d love to see the addition of pro play incorporating real life movements of players into gameplay.

  4. Epic Stepsis says:

    Draymond green guarding Jordan Poole 😭

  5. 👑DreadHeaded Villian👑 says:

    If ProPlay lives to the hype, this might be one of the smoothest gameplays we’ve had on a 2K in a hot minute.

    • IAmQuadre says:

      Feels like we would be pulled into more animations

    • Jessie 2Gramz says:

      I think they give it 2-3 years to master the new pro play, 2k will be finally back to being fun and smooth!

    • T Greg says:

      It did look buttery af. But regardless most people like to play fake af and cheese the game. That’s just most humans

    • zaye says:

      Gameplay is gonna be slow

    • Delmar Frazier says:

      I don’t have a problem with that my only problem with 2K will you shoot a jumper? It changes your form and that’s not real life so as long as they have their fixed and stop bumping you where are you dribble we’re good.

  6. TheStoryofNoel says:

    Movement looks crazy, definitely the greatest improvement in next gen. Only worry is that defenders get stuck in animations when that activates

  7. Pez On The Boards says:

    The side by side comparison of the game & IRL is a nice touch

  8. Flyplease says:

    Proplay got the potential to be sooooo insane

  9. Carie J. Pippins says:

    I remember when they introduced the dribbling with the right stick it was nice, but as you said, to be successful it al depends on how the animations interact.

  10. EYESNATCH says:

    For everyone concerned with animations pro play is to make sure everything is realistic crossover wise so that everyone’s dribble moves and dunks etc are realistic i dont see animations being a problem not this year

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