Justin Jefferson Masked Up & Cooked Everyone! (NFL 1on1’s for $10,000)

Justin Jefferson Masked Up & Cooked Everyone! (NFL 1on1’s for $10,000)

We hosted 1on1 ‘s at the Pro Bowl and had NFL Star Justin Jefferson compete in our Special Pro Bowl Edition w/ a Madden Ratings Adjustor!

SUB TO JUSTIN JEFFERSON : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFdLCeXaqfgZ1tjlfDG-Oeg
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35 Responses

  1. Deestroying says:

    Rashie Hodge Jr = Certified Clamps

  2. JayBlev says:

    JJ pulling up is crazyyy we gotta appreciate how much effort dee puts in his vids

  3. Kidthunderhand says:

    Give Rashie respect. As a linebacker, he went toe to toe against the number 1 receiver in the NFL RN. He was also the only DB who handled Ross 500 if I remember

  4. RoxTvGG says:

    I feel really bad for the DB who went up against Justin Jefferson because he was right in saying he needed that 10k more then Justin did and he definitely woulda gotten the 10k if he went up against any other receiver 💯

  5. Julia💛 Your stepmom says:

    JJettas always puttin smiles on our faces.

  6. Terrence Harris-Hughes says:

    Justin basically proved how 90% of these dudes be holding and people are shocked there’s a flag

  7. Acydxs says:

    The fact Rashie was able to keep up with an NFL receiver and almost able to stop him both times is impressive

  8. JussKB5 says:

    Rashie definitely deserves a contract. That man has just be going crazy

  9. Ethan says:

    So Insane the difference between regular football players and Nfl Players, really shows how good JJ is

  10. Justin Jefferson says:

    Appreciate you having me out bro!

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