Kendrick Perkins rips Kevin Durant, Nets for excuses after falling behind 3-0 in series vs. Celtics

Kendrick Perkins rips Kevin Durant, Nets for excuses after falling behind 3-0 in series vs. Celtics

Kendrick Perkins is fed up with the excuses being thrown out by Steve Nash, and the Brooklyn Nets after falling behind 3-0 in their series against the Boston Celtics. Perkin, Eddie House and Chris Forsberg also share their frustration with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant and how they’ve handled this entire season.

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50 Responses

  1. Wyatt Earth says:

    This Nets experiment is an all time catastrophe. Truly a Titanic situation here. Very much enjoying each chapter, hopefully Kyrie can keep coming up with creative ways to torpedo seasons


      @Tiyale Whitehurst yo I gotta give it to u my boy.. u spit fax. KD has proven even less hasn’t he lmao. Good shit my boy.

    • Tiyale Whitehurst says:

      @LAWRENCE SANDERSON Draymond wad an all star not a franchise superstar so let’s agree to disagree KD didn’t win anything till he got to Golden State also he had better talent around him to win we talking 3 MVPs Harden Westbrook n Durant they were young but still n they got to the chip n lost to Lebron KD I’m my opinion cnt carry a team to the promise land he is a unbelievable scorer who really dnt play D even tho he got the tools to do so also isn’t a vocal leader the Reason GS is so great is cause they play ego free basketball in an unselfish system like the spurs used to to do back in the day

    • Jose Rolan says:

      Second to lakers


      @Tiyale Whitehurst curry was a superstar.. Klay was a superstar, Draymond was a superstar.. sure they were unproven. Unless u call playoff wins which they had a few, not like they went into the playoffs and won their 1st time. Harrisson Barnes was playing just as well as Andrew Wiggins is now. Same talent level and abilities. Bogut is replaced by 4 better and more productive players but Bogut at that time was top 5 centers in the NBA easily, cuz in early 2010s there was Amar’e Stoudemire.. and Shaw was retiring in 2013 so big men were on the way out. Like I said. Curry has had an extremely easy road.. Luck and skill can take you far. Skill alone won’t get u far. Lebron knows.. he has luck too. But Curry is just ridiculously lucky.. he hasn’t proven anything to me, and he’s only been good enough to be a piece of the answer. He’s not the answer like KD, or Lebron. They play bad their team loses. He plays bad, they can still get it together. Why? Cuz he’s been Superteam Curry his entire career..

    • Tiyale Whitehurst says:

      @LAWRENCE SANDERSON u had alot of great point but 1 thing I gotta call u on is curry didn’t have a super team when he won his first chip it was Curry Klay Harrison Barnes Draymond and Andrew Bogut his team was unselfish n they play well together when he got KD yea that was a super team Bron is a greatness tho cause wherever he goes they win a are a contender KD to me can lead a team to a chip like Lebron did

  2. Duc Cao says:

    Don’t blame the coaching. It was Kyrie and KD that said they don’t need a coach.

  3. Dklpep Dklpep says:

    Kyrie and KD once again learning that leading a team ain’t for everyone. Never shoulda left Lebron & Steph

    • Joel Johnson says:

      @The Chopboard The Super God was surrounded by too much crypto

    • Joel Johnson says:

      @The Chopboard nope lol

    • The Chopboard says:

      @Joel Johnson They can’t resist 😂😂😂😂

    • The Chopboard says:

      @Kwame Nkrumah You guys get so emotional over Lebron. Lol. I am impartial to him so I don’t have a concrete bias like you guys do. Can’t take your opinions seriously when you guys get so emotional over this topic lol

    • The Chopboard says:

      @Kam B. Just because Draymond is the Captain/Leader of the team doesn’t mean Steph isn’t a Leader also. Klay and Steph are both Leaders. They just have a guy on their team that is a better Leader than them

  4. Ralph Aguinaldo says:

    Y’all giving KD too much slack. If this happened to LeBron, y’all would be all over him.

    • Chase Carter says:

      @Kwame Nkrumahso points determine your contribution only? Yall say some dumb shit. And they have scored single digits in playoffs before lol

    • GLoveJF says:

      BIIG FACTS itd be like “lebrons legacy now is questionable, he will NEVER be considered the goat.” They would destroy him forever

    • FLOW'S BBQ says:

      @Kwame Nkrumah let’s pretend like MJ didn’t make the playoffs winning 30 games

    • jon GEE says:

      Hile bunch of leBron haters in disbelief. Cuz kd’s failure lifts LeBron lost to the KDgsw

    • jon GEE says:

      @Randy Whitehead exactly. Remember who is in the goat conversation before anyone ever mentions KD and LeBron in the same sentence again.
      Meanwhile we so called “blind witnesses”.
      Can’t understand why Kyrie cant save KD
      Didnt he save LeBron? (Sarcasm)

  5. The Answer says:

    I’ve never agreed So much with Perk. 100% correct on every point.

  6. Rich says:

    This defense is looking like it can be an all time great. Could be a championship defense

    • GOW says:

      It can definitely be but I think the nets are making it seem better than it is.

      The nets are making it look like the best Defense I have ever seen. I can tell some of the flaws the nets have so I know it’s not.

      Can it be top 20-10? absolutely, is it a top 5. I still need to see more.

    • Rich says:

      @dreagle1fly because of the defense

    • dreagle1fly says:

      Naw.. this defense is playing an offense that ain’t doing shit

    • YouCanCallMeReTro says:

      @JewishPri3st They use Pritchard very efficiently as well. He only comes in for 10-15 minutes a game and puts up an efficient 10 points or so gives the Celtics some momentum

    • Mike B says:

      @drewfuss2006 yup – his only problem is reach/wingspan. He’s strong, quick, has solid defensive fundamentals both one-on-one and team-d. He’s an obviously better defender than all the other “little guys” we’ve played over the years (Kemba, Kyrie, Isaiah, etc).

  7. octaviakf says:

    Only person I feel bad for is Seth Curry because he don’t deserve this he’s a team guy just like his brother and he’s capable of helping them win games and they don’t pass him the ball

  8. Joseph Danso says:

    What should LeBron say about fatigue and playing some 40-something minutes? That’s why LBJ’s been special. Appreciate the man while we still can

  9. Maments says:

    Props to Lebron&Steph for winning rings despite having to deal with those guys

    • Maments says:

      @d yeah I’m just baiting, of course I don’t literally mean that

    • d says:

      Da lol. LeBron wouldn’t have won if not for Kyrie & neither would Steph if he didn’t have Durant. KD was shooting right in LeBrons grill multiple times. I’m a LeBron fan & even I know that.

  10. Cari Vuong says:

    Hard to coach two guys who said “We don’t need a coach.” I see the heart, fight and comradery of guys like Bruce Brown, Mills, Dragic, and Kessler and feel bad for THEM. Swap out KD and Kyrie for Tatum and Jaylen Brown and the NETS would be up 3-0. KD is not a leader nor is Kyrie. One throws tantrums on the court whilst the other is a ghost half the season. Harden saw the toxic stew and was like “Peace out”.

    • Cari Vuong says:

      @d On PAPER no but basketball is a team sport and in order to succeed as a team you need the intangibles. Like for instance being a superstar without the superstar drama diva attitude. Sure KD and Kyrie might be “better” skill wise than Tatum and Brown but at least those guys pull the team up and hold themselves and everyone else accountable. I would rather have that for the NETS than what we have now. And yes, I do believe that, even as underdogs, a Tatum / Brown NETS vs a KD / Irving Celtics. Just as pessimism is contagious so is a sense of mission. The NETS have the former whilst the Celtics have the latter because of the difference in the top two pairs respectively of each team.

    • cdf360 says:

      @d they definitely play better team basketball. They’re both better defenders. Durant is too tired from trying to carry the team on offense, and Kyrie Irving hasn’t played a lick of defense in his career. The Celtics defense is just too good because Brown and Tatum are leading by example and inspiring their teammates to be great. Intangibly, Brown and Tatum are far better than Irving and Durant at the current moment. They’re able to inspire their teammates to reach new heights and carry out a real defensive stopping system. Being coachable is part of what makes a player great. Tatum and Brown are coachable, 2-way studs. Irving and Durant are non-coachable iso ballers who play no defense and have no team chemistry whatsoever

    • cdf360 says:

      @Kevin C And just to give Brown and Tatum even more credit, I think they wanted to buy in because they wanted to be successful. Brad Stevens is a good coach, but he wasn’t challenging them enough. They wanted a coach who is willing to call them out and challenge them to be great. It looked shaky the first half of the season, but Udoka began even publicly calling them out, and they responded in a great way. You have to give them a lot of credit for using the criticism as motivation to form together as a team

    • d says:

      @Kevin C stop lol. Celtics have the #1 defense in the league the players play not the coach but he is a very good coach unlike nash. Nets are horrible on defense

    • d says:

      Harden sucks lol everyone knows that he is not playing good at all he has a good team with the mvp stop. Everything you said is just crazy lol but ok

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