Brighton vs. AEK Athens: Extended Highlights | UEL Group Stage MD 1 | CBS Sports Golazo – Europe

Brighton vs. AEK Athens: Extended Highlights | UEL Group Stage MD 1 | CBS Sports Golazo – Europe

Brighton’s attacking play has stolen the hearts of neturals in England, but a stingy AEK Athens will hope they can put a stop to that in Southern England.

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46 Responses

  1. John Paskell says:

    That header had so much power behind it

  2. Robert Ness says:

    Not having dunk really hurt us man. Defenders looked too nervous

  3. Breakthrou says:

    I’m a fan of Brighton but I was more impressed with AEK, good win for them. The defense wasn’t exerting the effort I expected.

  4. Eleazar Beltran says:

    Crazy still remember Matias Almeyda was coaching that Chivas side and won trophies. Then went to the MLS for my San Jose earthquakes. Didn’t turn out well he got sacked there as well. Now he’s champions with Athens and won here. He’s always been brilliant

    • Nicolas V says:

      He did well in San Jose at first. Things started to come apart though because teams figured him out and there didn’t seem to be an effective plan B outside of “go man to man to draw teams apart and create openings.” Granted, San Jose’s front office are historically poor when it comes to signings, but nearly every player who was brought in was a former Almeyda player, and many of them didn’t really justify his faith in them. For example, he brought in Daniel Vega (AEK’s current assistant) who had never been a top goalie and had last played in a competitive league for River Plate in 2012. Almeyda’s tactics worked well at first to get a team that on paper was one of the worst in the league to punch above their weight. However, even before things went poorly, Almeyda’s SJ developed a tendency to go on massive losing runs where they routinely conceded blowout losses. Basically teams used the man marking system to their advantage and attackers made runs to intentionally pull SJ defenders out of position. For as much as Almeyda’s reign in SJ had some serious positives and led to some breakout performances, it also was accompanied by perceptions of favoritism towards former players who were not performing above others in the team, stifling player development by playing certain players in positions that magnified their weaknesses (playing USMNT midfielder Yueill as a CB), and failing to adapt the team, leading to routine blowout losses.

      I do hope that Almeyda does well in Greece. I wonder if the general disparity in quality between Greece’s top teams, and the rest of the league might skew results. I think that AEK is almost certainly a better team than San Jose, but the difference in strength and spending power between SJ and other MLS teams is much more even than the strength and spending of AEK vs. OFI (or any other team that is not Olympiacos, Panathinaikos, or PAOK).

    • Danylo says:

      @Nicolas Vbro you know a lot

    • jkjk says:

      @Danylo 🤣Nah facts

    • Jeffrey Scott Jr says:

      He never had a chance because he wasn’t supported by ownership.

    • Nicolas V says:

      @Jeffrey Scott Jr I’m willing to partially accept that argument. Ownership did not invest in the team, even to the standards of other middle spending MLS sides. However, it does not explain Almeyda choosing teams that featured players out of position and favoritism towards his former players that he brought to the club.

  5. MangoPig says:

    The fact that Joao didn’t pass to Mitoma there drives me crazy

  6. Darian says:

    The 33 year old AEK Athens left back who provided the assist for the first two goals with two set peices is the Iran captain Ehsan Hajsafi… made his senior Iran debut in 2008 at 18yo And still going! Got injured in this match and was carried off on a stretcher. Get well soon Kapitan.

  7. Chad says:

    Brighton is now subject to what it takes to be a top European side. They’re young and scrappy though so they’ll bounce back.

  8. Ulises Jimenez says:

    Matias almeyda is a world class coach, he brought river plate and promoted banfield from Argentina back to first division, made chivas champions in concacaf champions league and liga MX, did a really well first season in MLS with earthquakes, made AEK champions in the domestic league and cup, well deserved!!! I really hope one day he gets the chance to coach Mexico national team😭 my prediction is AEK will make it to the Quarterfinals of Europa league

    • Louis says:

      It’s insane he’s more supportive of Mexico than most mexicans. 😂 I also hope he coaches Mexico in the future, but the FMF and Liga Mx is a joke.

    • Michael DeBiasio says:

      RDZ will figure him out and BHA will win in Athens. If they can defeat MU they will beat AEK. Just needed to know how they play. Will be much diff next leg.

  9. Chrs SL says:

    Let’s go Almeida ✊🏼 Pineda. Que sepan que se puede llegar muy muy lejos.

  10. Pragmatic Onee says:

    That header had the power of a ball volleyed with the foot

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