Kim Kardashian Is Taking the ‘High Road’ in Co-Parenting

Kim Kardashian Is Taking the ‘High Road’ in Co-Parenting

Kim Kardashian opened up about how her main priority is and will always be her kids, so she insists on taking the “high road” when it comes to co-parenting and other challenges in life. Tune in to the show for more!

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38 Responses

  1. Jean says:

    You can tell Ellen is holding her tongue when wanting to say what she really feels about Kanye.

  2. PinkStar94 says:

    She’s being a great mom. That’s the way to think things through. Co-parenting requires a ton of self control and emotional intelligence.

    • TheDarkNight says:

      @TommonSensePro you can’t be serious right? Kanye just ran threw 2 girls like what? Do you even know what your talking about

    • TommonSensePro says:

      Not sure if getting in a new relationship while she is going through the divorce is good for the kids. It’s not even good for her. She needs time to heal. It wouldn’t surprise me if Pete and her don’t last long once the Honeymoon phase of their relationship is up.

    • TheDarkNight says:

      @Tiffany Morris he can record music from home can Kim do talk shows and model from home

    • Tiffany Morris says:

      @TheDarkNight kanye takes care of his kids without nannies

    • Tiffany Morris says:

      Fake mom

  3. Dino says:

    She is genuinely doing the best possible thing for her kids and even for Kanye. Having a bipolar parent that refuses treatment can be so terrifying, so having the other parent shoulder all the responsability is so important even if it’s incredibly difficult for them. Kids need stability and Kim is providing that for them. I hope Kanye gets help before it’s too late for the kids.

  4. Charlotte Ross says:

    she really is doing what’s best for her kids by not entertaining Kanye’s rants on social media. no need to bring private issues public it only worsens the situation.

  5. ScarlettP says:

    Kim is such an incredible mother, props to her for keeping things together

  6. Krystal Milord says:

    Understandably, she’s always trying to get away from that story of how she got fame originally. And I gotta say, wow she has successfully shown the world a side of her that maybe we didn’t expect. Seems to be such a good mom (from what we can see). With all the things she could say about Kanye, she holds back. That is maturity. I really respect her, and I didn’t always feel that way.

  7. Gifted Mike says:

    That woman is a great mom. Something no one can’t take from her.

  8. Honey storm 🍯 says:

    she is beutiful inside out i see her love for her kids in her eyes

  9. Angello Furigay says:

    She has great self-control and restraint because with the way Kanye has been behaving, I wouldn’t have been able to tolerate it at all if I were her.

  10. Brinda Chanpura says:

    Kim is such an icon..the way she has a positive outlook towards everything is incredible

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