Kim Kardashian West Monologue – SNL

Kim Kardashian West Monologue – SNL

First-time host Kim Kardashian West talks about living a very public life and her divorce from Kanye West.

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41 Responses

  1. batgurrl says:

    She did much better than expected. Even slipped in an OJ reference.

  2. Lukas DiSparrow says:

    Next family’s lunch be like: ………..

  3. Swanneck 22 says:

    You can’t tell the difference between her joking and being serious.

  4. Shlinda1 says:

    I thought she was great!

  5. carsoncasey says:

    She didn’t write those jokes but she delivered them absolutely flawlessly.

  6. Medicine Medicine says:

    This was surprisingly fun. She brought the SNL writer’s words to life and actually nailed it.

  7. Vanessa Lynn says:

    One thing everyone in this business knows about Kim — she works hard. If she’s going to host SNL she’s gonna come to play. Good on her.

  8. S. E. C-R says:

    I’m not surprised that did much better than expected, being who she is and all of the negativity and hate she gets a person has to have a sense of humor or they’ll go insane!

  9. Colleen Erin says:

    I think many people will be surprised by this monologue, but anyone who actually follows the family knows they are actually very self-aware and love poking fun at themselves.

  10. Scenic Fights says:

    Whether you like her or not, you have to give Kim Kardashian credit for being able to make fun of herself. She could have easily not read anything written for her, but she delivered those jokes like a champion.

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