Tyson Fury reacts after epic win over Deontay Wilder and he SINGS for the Las Vegas crowd!

Tyson Fury reacts after epic win over Deontay Wilder and he SINGS for the Las Vegas crowd!

Tyson Fury speaks in the ring after his incredible third fight against Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas.

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30 Responses

  1. MoreConsole says:

    Man, my heart was racing the entire fight. Truly one of the most exhilarating bouts of all time. Not a fan of Wilder but he showed incredible heart to survive Fury’s relentless onslaught for as long as he did. Fury is without question the greatest heavyweight of this era.

    • Jozef says:

      @Chimkinnuggers2888 Can’t say I blame Wilder for the lack of sportsmanship post-fight. Fury took things too far and was acting like a real bully in my eyes. Even the stool he was sitting on between rounds had Wilder’s face from the second fight on it saying “Dosser”. He should have gone far enough to promote the fight, but not drag his name through the mud however he could like he did in this buildup.

      I know Wilder came out with some laughable excuses, but he didn’t throw personal attacks in the same way Fury kept doing. He went too far and it’s understandable that he wouldn’t forgive him that easily.

    • Yorkshireyuken says:

      Hes just big and awkward

    • SyZion Aurifex says:

      Imagine making that bet last night and knowing your $50 could turn into $1500. Although I felt Fury would win, those odds were TOO GOOD to pass on. Imagine dropping $500, THAT WOULD’VE PAYED OUT $15,000 if Winder got the W. Great event overall tho, four thrilling fights and the main event was wild. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time believing I might have a nice payday.

  2. NANO says:

    Tyson besides being a boxing genius, has a really nice voice

  3. milkey1 says:

    This guys a living legend

  4. Rib says:

    His personality makes him a great champion

    • Zack Hart says:

      No, it makes him… The Gypsy KING!!! I would follow this man into to battle, on horseback into hell and back again. IDK if that’s all too overdramatic or what, but I personally believe he’s just that special.

    • Ruairi Duffin says:

      Good observation Rib

    • irish says:

      Personality and pretty damn good boxing skills!

    • Jozef says:

      His personality is fun but I wish he would act just a tad bit less like a bully. There’s promoting a fight, and then there’s sitting on a stool with Wilder’s injured face printed on it saying “Dosser” between rounds. I understand Wilder’s lack of respect post-fight. Fury went beyond promotion and went too far in my opinion. Wasn’t needed past a certain point.

  5. Darren Firth says:

    He’s definitely had singing lessons since American pie lol well done fury.

    • Jón Bjarnason says:

      I reckon after 11 rounds, hitting the floor 2 times after being hit by, and let’s be fair, probably the hardest hitting sob ever, most people would sound half this good at best 😂

    • Red Rambo says:

      He’s always had a decent singing voice. Don’t forget at the time of American pie he had the raspy voice due to the injury to his voice box.

  6. lpucho says:

    “I give him the Glory, he gives me the Victory” Amen brother!

  7. Gary Hillman says:

    What a trainer sugar hill is. He s totally changed Tyson into a complete machine defensive and attacking wise

  8. AcidGlow says:

    So happy for Tyson. It was a great fight. 🥊

  9. Scenic Fights says:

    His voice has gotten better. To be able to sing coherently after a fight like that is impressive lol.

    • Outlaw GT says:

      He chose a good song to sing too. Fury has good taste in music and women. His wife is super pretty. Tyson is the man. Amazing fight

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