KOs Galore As KSI Fights Twice In One Night | Full Card Highlights

KOs Galore As KSI Fights Twice In One Night | Full Card Highlights

August 27, 2022 — KSI takes on Swarmz and Luis Alcaraz Pineda on one night of crossover boxing at London’s o2 Arena, with the likes of Deji and Salt Papi also on the card.

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42 Responses

  1. Sahil says:

    Really proud of deji. The improvement he has shown is mind blowing.

    • TheRealTJErnie says:

      This is not deji 🙄

    • John Chong says:

      Fousey is just terrible at fighting

    • Ivan Simpson says:


    • tank davis says:

      @GTisVibin lol elite defence? Deji drops his right hand everytime he throws his left and he sticks his chin out. Hes lucky he fought fousey. I still think the deji that fought jake paul was the best deji. If only he had better cardio that night

    • You Ain't Got No Tegridy Boi says:

      @GTisVibin elite defence? Please don’t say things like that.

  2. Emily Clarke says:

    Deji has really earned that win. He actually showed technique & his LETHAL jabs! You cant say Deji had it easy.

  3. red carpet says:

    “he came to run, he came to complain, he came to pick up a pay check” personally I wouldn’t let that slide 💀

  4. Daniel Yepez says:

    19:58 I understand there is levels to boxing, not sure how long Pineda has been boxing compared to KSI, but KSI physically looks like he can punch a whole right through, Pineda. I think there is a limit to how far boxing itself can take you when you’re not physically at peak strength. This literally looks like a Man fighting a tall child.

    • SpreadAttackU18 says:

      It was fake

    • paulgrundy32 says:


    • Kaiser says:

      Ksi got to Mickey Mouse wins on two random amateur boxers

    • XxMonsterOpsxX says:

      honestly by the stance of pineda it looks to be he was hoping for a DQ victory, put his back to ksi strong side and chilling at a 90 degree angle the entire fight with his back side towards the strong side. turning his head and body slightly when ever he used that side. Dude knew he couldnt win so he tried for a DC

    • Sinan Demir says:

      There is also weight differences i think. But was the Mexican right with the complains? Don’t know about the blackhead thingy 🤔
      In overall ksi is really a beast!

  5. Aayla Breast Vlogs says:

    so nobody is going to talk about how amazing deen the great looked. I really hope we see way more of this guy. there is so much potential

  6. AC says:

    The second hand embarrassment I got from the last fight was insane

    • Exp says:

      @paxel he could’ve refused

    • MythicalMining says:

      KSI is just some rich guy that paid a skinny foreigner to come get beat up for entertainment. This gave me Dan Bilzerian vibes

    • Bacillus says:

      @Jason Customs bro was asking for brain damage

    • Jason Customs says:

      @M ZAF Any time KSI’s hand went anywhere near the back of the dudes head it was because he had ducked and turned to face away as if trying to put the back into the punches way. The fact he couldnt guard and kept ducking and turning his head away to put his head there made it seem more like he was trying to get KSI done for back of the head shots rather than actually trying to win.

  7. Kieran Brown says:

    JJs condition, physique and effort can’t be denied, yes the quality of opponents wasn’t great, but 2 fights in one night after 3 years out, respect

    • Loo Kit Fan says:

      @Aleksander Aleksandrov why are u so upset? Go blame Wasabi for that. JJ’s team had the worst luck in the world, it’s close to impossible to have an main event with the misfortune that the event had after Wasabi pulled out

    • Aleksander Aleksandrov says:

      @Ghuzy I am glad someone said it… I don’t understand why everyone praise him so much

    • Ghuzy says:

      @connor maxwell what has that got to do with anything? If you think those 2 fights showed how much he’s “improved” you’re just delusional.

    • marcus holtzheimer says:

      I could have gone in there and beat either of his opponents to be honest not impressed at all. His brother looked more technical too

    • Aleksander Aleksandrov says:

      @Wartide3 Long I missed the part where he said he was embarrassed to fight them, my bad I guess. I watched the fights and he seemed very eager to show his powers agains people who are not even close to his level. You can tell he wanted to go for the KO’s so bad. He didn’t care that the poeple he fights are amateurs… but anyway, they are getting paid to get F KO’d. They signed their contracts so gg..

  8. Emily Clarke says:

    Found myself shouting and screaming during the Dej fight. We’re all proud of you bro

  9. Quentin says:

    Having Logan raise his hand in victory at the end is the cherry on the pie. Whole night was fantastic

  10. tashun` miller says:

    Man The way Deji threw his hands up at the end of the fight like finally it brought tears to my eyes

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