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45 Responses

  1. @ChayseWhitmore says:

    So surreal to finally talk to JJ after being a fan for 10 years

  2. @InfinitySpore says:

    cat and dog guy was truly inspiring. I don’t even own pets but looked behind me and witnessed 3 cats and 4 dogs in my front garden uniting as one.

  3. @suspended-y3819 says:

    Im actually surprised people are actually taking this talent show seriously. I did not expect this to be this wholesome

    • @MFBloosh says:

      They probably vetted it this time lmfao. Guarantee Moe had to go through some traumatizing shit while sorting out the people who have talent from the trolls.

    • @wea says:

      @@MFBloosh yeah we had a trial talent audition with mo a few days before KSI and the accepted ones went through

  4. @KostasOlivier says:

    That blindfolded piano guy was incredible.
    He’s the next Mozart for sure.

  5. @superiorbunv3111 says:

    As a person who speaks fluent mandarin and english, hearing jj speak mandarin in such a clear tone is wtf insane

  6. @priyeshsoni4598 says:

    As an indian, i can confirm ksi got some real hindi speaking talent😂🔥

  7. @tentenftc3934 says:

    We can all agree the first guy set our mood for the video ❤

  8. @TedTakesClips says:

    9 minutes in and he’s already bought someone a guitar, big respect jj

    • @danielkennedy4282 says:

      The guy wasn’t even playing the guitar 😂

    • @deepankarbiswal6915 says:

      ​@@danielkennedy4282what makes u think that hater?

    • @grim4499 says:

      ​@@deepankarbiswal6915 7:13 the guy was fixing his hair and the music is still playing lmfao

    • @Casual_Gaming5 says:

      ​​@@grim4499never played an electric guitar in your life have you kid? That’s called sustain. He could do that for a minute or more if he had a sustain pedal.. Also, didn’t you hear the sweep picking part at the end? Also, he has a much raw sound for that to be fake. If you want to hear fake guitar, I’ll send you links. Just carefully observe their sound and compare it to this guy

    • @Casual_Gaming5 says:

      ​@@danielkennedy4282it’s real. And don’t argue with me, cause I play guitar

  9. @uhitsloki3783 says:

    the guitar dude was incredible the way he transitioned through the songs was clean as fuck, also the disstrack was funny af

    • @EreaserNL says:

      Does anyone know who made the distract? I really can’t understand his name when he introduces himself for real.

    • @EzeeyIsOG says:


    • @adamsecord9943 says:

      He took his hand off the like main part of the guitar during the solo, does that mean it was just pre recorded???I truly just don’t know anything about guitar

    • @walterhartwellwhite9497 says:

      @@adamsecord9943 I was about to say that. Moe even zoomed in on him when he took his hand off the guitar cos he knew something was not right.

    • @naruto_dog7123 says:

      @@walterhartwellwhite9497it’s an electric guitar so he doesn’t need 2 hands to play (i think). also the head wasn’t broken that’s just how some electric guitars look

  10. @damondoctorwho1510 says:

    I was being chased by both cat and dogs down my street but then when the guy started singing in cat and dog they stopped and cried. Truly an inspirational and motivational moment

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