Katt Williams & Sherri’s First Date Fail | Sherri Shepherd

Katt Williams & Sherri’s First Date Fail | Sherri Shepherd

Katt Williams & Sherri made plans to go golfing, but it seems there was a big mishap 🤣🤣🤣

For more information and tickets to Katt’s show head here: https://www.kattwilliamslive.com

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47 Responses

  1. Rhonda Roberts says:

    I can tell that Kat is in a different place in his life and I am here for it! He looks great! Wishing him nothing but the best ❤

  2. Jenean Butters says:

    This why Sherri is loved and respected. Thank you for showing Kat in a positive light, and only a positive light. And I’m so glad to see you both thriving.

  3. Nichele says:

    That chemistry tho !!!!!!! He said you know why I can’t look you in the eyes and then called her a Siren !!!! That was too grown !!!!!😅

  4. Qwita Herrod says:

    Katt doesn’t get enough credit for his philanthropic endeavors and his generosity

  5. Khalil Cabrera y Moreno says:

    The way Sherri was smiling, I could definitely tell she was picking up what Kat was layin down!!
    Love it!!!

  6. R W says:

    Kat actually looks cute and healthy here , he been looking rough these past years , HE LOOKS SOO GOOD

  7. JML1974 says:

    Katt and Sherri got some history and some chemistry…. Go for it y’all.

  8. denisha Harris says:

    It was a pleasure seeing Katt Williams in person. We laughed so hard during this interview.

  9. Chanell Smith says:

    He is really a nice man. I knew him when he was a squeaky clean comic, and he saw me at a breakfast place ..paid for my meal. Very quiet man 🤟

  10. Sir EJW Studios & Productions says:

    Did anybody else feel like they were in a room, watching their uncle and aunt flirting?😂😂😂 TT… UNC STOP!! 😂😂

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