Lackadaisy Breakthrough (Vignette)

Lackadaisy Breakthrough (Vignette)

Just a wee short starring a wee Rocky and Freckle – a little something to share while longer episodes are in production. Our NEW shop is live now too! Find it at

*Missing from the credits:
Carolina Senra – Clean-up (Ink & Paint)

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Stock Media provided by PianoPassion / Pond5

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41 Responses

  1. gutsfur says:

    after reading the comic in one sitting days ago, i can confidentially say that nothing will totally go wrong because rocky’s doin this in the name of science

  2. 𝓛𝓛𝓐𝓜𝓐snowflake says:

    Seeing Freckle’s mother in motion has brought me so much joy. Also…Freckle’s pure innocence is giving me so much serotonin.

  3. Jade says:

    I just love that Rocky still happily explains everything as if he didn’t just dislocate both of his arms 😭

  4. PlebNC says:

    I can’t decide which I love more:
    – The animation and voice work.
    – Freckle’s aunt’s reaction.
    – Rocky somehow dislocating both of his arms.
    – Freckle’s face of pure innocence and cuteness.

  5. Nik C. says:

    How in heavens did Nina and Freckle survive being around Rocky for an hour, let alone years?

  6. TheRealizer 367 says:

    Glad you guys came along! Much appreciated seeing so many people tune in for the short animation <3

  7. StandupWind709 says:

    These animators aren’t banging rocks, they really know how to animate

  8. Dimarik says:

    I’ll never stop being impressed that Rocky managed to survive and live to his age with a lifestyle like that.
    Also I’m really happy to see more Lackadaisy animated. Cheers to the crew, you’re all doing great.

  9. aacsmiles says:

    NINA!!!! She took on the Herculean task of making sure Rocky survived childhood and succeeded. A truly remarkable woman!

  10. theTelegraphPole says:

    As much a herald of chaos as Rocky is, it’s so nice to see his cousin is still loyal to him through thick and thin. Also, Michael is amazing, he needs to act in mainstream animation.

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