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It’s 1927 and Prohibition is the law of the land. For Rocky, Freckle and Ivy, the night shifts are never dull.

LACKADAISY, based on a comic series by Tracy J. Butler, was directed by Fable Siegel, produced by Iron Circus Animation, and made by a crew of more than 160 skilled artists across the world. The project was funded by Kickstarter backers, aided by Patreon supporters, and fueled by fan viewership and enthusiasm during the course of its production. Thank you so much for watching, and for your support!

Music featured:
“Olive Branch” by Sepiatonic
“Sunset Rose Cocktail” by M Gewehr
“Feathers N Fringe” by Albert Marlowe

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30 Responses

  1. keipe008 says:



  2. Malestorm says:

    Cats, prohibition-era, guns, epic animation, great voice acting, and electro swing. This checks so many boxes, it’s almost unreal.

  3. El Rocky Raccoon says:

    It’s mindblowing to finally see Lackadaisy fully animated after following it over 10 years. The level of polish of this pilot is on a whole new level.

  4. Joseph Pattison says:

    Rocky’s unhinged nature is such a mood

  5. DragonKingCosmos says:

    I love all the little details
    Rocky stumbling on the rocks
    Him having to pull the switches twice because the first time wasn’t hard enough
    His tale doing a twitchy wag like a cat that’s having fun and focused
    Freckle’s tail spiffing up due to the surprise of the gunshots

    Combined with the pristine animation this just might be one of the best pilots on youtube

  6. crow•arctia says:

    I love how they got actual cat mannerisms to convey emotions too like the flicking of the tail to show annoyance or excitement, airplane ears, fluffing up, etc…

    • Zelnyair says:

      This is what makes anthro characters so great!

    • dspite says:

      YESSSS! IIRC the extra expressive range cats have is why Tracy J. Butler chose to make the characters that species in the first place! I also love how at 21:11 if you turn on the captions, you can see “cat trill” followed by “upset cat trill”. Very accurate cat behavior! XD

    • kizapawn says:

      Except they can’t see in the dark? 😔

    • Nat Your Average Nerd says:

      The tail poof when they get scared was completely accurate! My cats have scared each other while playing and it looks just like how it’s portrayed during the train passing scene in the graveyard.

    • Ashley Everything says:

      Omg this is my favorite part too!! I love their flicky movements. This is just too cute

  7. Saberspark says:

    One of the greatest animated pilots on YouTube, you all are next level

  8. Sailorboatface says:

    Its amazing how every single frame, sound, word spoken just ooze with all of the love and care that everyone who worked on this put into it

  9. Niko Zguri says:

    this was phenomenal! the animation, the voice acting, the music, the humor, the action, the characters, the world… everything is on point! one of the best pilots ever! this is the kinda quality content that should absolutely be on the trending page. can’t wait to see more!! 😀

  10. Ren the Seer says:

    I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see Rocky be the chaos goblin that he is, now fully animated. Amazing!

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