Lead Actor in a Comedy: 73rd Emmys

Lead Actor in a Comedy: 73rd Emmys

Jason Sudeikis wins the Emmy for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series at the 73rd Emmys.

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24 Responses

  1. usurper says:

    *Well deserved* , the dude is such a joy as ted lasso , kinda wanted him to keep the globes’ tie dye hoodie tho

  2. Cody Higinbotham says:

    I love how many SNL actors have gone on to other shows and won Emmys for them

  3. C W says:

    My favorite show in years! The world needs this show right now

  4. Marion Thomas says:

    All nominated actors this year are good, but we all knew deep down that it was Jason Sudeikis’ year. So, so happy for him and this gem of a show.

  5. Tanya M says:

    Jason is amazing in this show. He combined comedy and drama in one character so well. Also I feel like Ted Lasso cheered up so many people this couple of years.

  6. Phelipe Vieira says:

    Best acting in the WHOLE year. Drama and comedy. This man is a genius. Well deserved!

  7. Hector Solis-Ortiz says:

    I just wanted Jennifer to keep going. She is such a STAR! Also, congrats to Jason. I need to watch this show now!

  8. David Walker says:

    Ted Lasso has been such a heartwarming delight, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show with such a beautiful emotional core. Ted has genuinely made my heart remember how wonderful humanity can be. An Emmy will never be more deserved in my eyes.

  9. bagman817 says:

    I’d forgotten what he sounds like when he’s not Ted.

  10. Ava Kate says:

    Jennifer Coolidge has been totally under rated, so happy she’s had a resurgence!

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