LFR16 – Round 1, Game 1 – Lesson – Lightning 7, Maple Leafs 3

LFR16 – Round 1, Game 1 – Lesson – Lightning 7, Maple Leafs 3

Steve Dangle recaps and analyzes Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs series between the Tampa Bay Lightning & Toronto Maple Leafs. Highlights include Michael Bunting with a questionable hit on Cernak & The Lightning scoring on 4 of 8 Powerplay opportunities.

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30 Responses

  1. LightningNC says:

    Look at the bright side:
    For every game that Bunting is suspended, the Lightning won’t be able to target him to get power plays out of him like they’re shaking a vending machine for free candy.

    • Mr Me says:

      I hope they sit Bunting the rest of the playoffs and give his spot to Knies

    • Louis Cypher says:

      @UzuMaki NaRuto The on ice call says otherwise, the review says otherwise, the Department of Player safety says otherwise. Hell hardcore Leaf’s fans are saying otherwise.

      Instead of looking for one camera angle you think absolves Bunting look at all the camera angles in full speed and don’t be a one eyed clown.

    • ThePalisky says:

      they don’t need it when soft stick to stick contact are called a slash and a one arm knockdown is called a cross check

    • UzuMaki NaRuto says:

      @Louis Cypher
      *Are you kidding? an Elbow to the head, off the puck and he left his feet. It’s suspension everyday of the week.*

      Did you seriously watch the replay from the REAR CAMERA ANGLE? Because if you did you wouldn’t say what you’re saying. Cernak turned to his right off the faceoff INTO Bunting from the side/rear and Bunting wasn’t even looking his way.

      Bunting DID NOT run into Cernak. It was Cernak who went into Bunting leaning down enough for his head to get clipped.

    • Milan Milanche says:

      I like Bunting as a person, but on the ice he is kind of a dummy.

  2. Leafs_Fan44 says:

    I genuinely was so happy the game was done….and then realized it was the end of the second.

  3. Chilean Storm says:

    Johnny Bower was an absolute gentlemen and legend for this city, he was always so kind and happy to interact with Maple Leafs fans whenever he was out. He understood what the blue and white meant to Toronto. Here is hoping that we get to see it be done this Thursday and the rest of the series.

    • Michael Heydon says:

      In grade school, four of us walked a few blocks to Johnny Bower’s house in Etobicoke. He lived in a little old bungalow. He answered the door and said to come in. We waited on the landing as he went to the basement. He came back up with four 8×10 photos and autographed them for us. He chatted with us for a bit. What a great guy.

    • Russell Sutherland says:

      I used to see Bower from time to time at University of Toronto Varsity Blues games, Varsity Arena, when he was acting as a scout for the Leafs.

  4. Stan Tory says:

    The Leafs are a gift that keeps on giving.

  5. Dylan Martens says:

    Ah this team. This team. Been a leafs fan almost 30 years and it never changes. This team.

  6. DropDMurphy says:

    That Bunting hit even had Keefe saying “WTF bro!!”

  7. heliumtrophy says:

    All I can say is wow. Toronto somehow always manages to provide some of the most gutless performances in the Playoffs that I could possibly have imagined. I don’t understand how different players make the some of most bone-headed decisions and….I mean it just has to be said, that the team just can’t turn it on when it matters. They manage to asphyxiate themselves as soon as Lord Stanley enters the fray. It’s quite a feat.

    • Jesse Paiz says:

      ​@heliumtrophy Tampa was down to 4 defenders and basically needed to run out the clock. They had to take their foot off the gas, so they wouldn’t burn their guys out. That’s partially why the Bunting hit is a big deal. There are so many knock on effects in the series that hurt the Lightning between extra fatigue, lineup issues as you have to reconfig your d core and quite your forward line to play more defensively, morale, momentum, talent level issues, forced play style changes, etc. Losing a quality player is a big deal and you shouldn’t lose one from a guy intentionally trying to hurt your players.

    • The Corre says:

      @Felipe Yoshio Cordeiro de Souza Simple reason. Wade Barrett was the brains, Ezekiel Jackson was the power, Slater and Gabriel were the speed and skill. The Corre was awesome.

    • Jeff L says:

      Nexus was so good until they broke it up so quick

    • Felipe Yoshio Cordeiro de Souza says:

      ​@The Corre I meant that, besides that, they weren’t really treated that well, it just wasn’t like the original Nexus, also, why was Ezekiel Jackson even there?

    • The Corre says:

      ​@Felipe Yoshio Cordeiro de Souza Do you even watch WWE? The Corre were tag team champions, and Wade Barrett won the Intercontinental championship. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  8. Chase says:

    “Not satisfied with taking the first penalty of the game, the leafs take the second penalty of the game as well” made me laugh

  9. Claudio Antonio says:

    First off love ya Steve and I appreciate your energy, enthusiasm and passion. To say your videos are a stress reliever is a massive understatement and I always laugh at your antics and sense of humour, but the Johnny Bower bit actually had my eyes welling up with tears. I’m 50 years old Steve, I’m 50 and I’ve never seen my team hoist the Stanley Cup, never been able to wear a shirt or ball cap that says Stanley Cup Champion Toronto Maple Leafs. I’ve believed in them for a long while but sometimes I’m not sure if I’m now just going through the motions, that maybe I don’t actually believe anymore. Then I saw that pic of Johnny and I found myself emotional and I remembered, yeah I most certainly still believe. Thanks Steve 👍

  10. GreenSpartan12 1 says:

    The difference that the passion Point plays with and that the Leafs stars play with is remarkable

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