LICORICE PIZZA | Official Trailer | MGM Studios

LICORICE PIZZA | Official Trailer | MGM Studios

Written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. Watch the official trailer for #LicoricePizza now. Coming soon only to theaters.

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LICORICE PIZZA | Official Trailer | MGM Studios

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26 Responses

  1. backyardmethlab says:


  2. Sai Charan says:

    The legacy of Hoffman continues with Cooper Hoffman. Love you PTA

  3. airslug1 says:

    Haim has a Catherine Keener vibe going on–this film looks really great

  4. Micah Johansson says:

    This has a mix of Boogie Nights and Magnolia and I just can’t deal with the excitement. PTA back to the 70s. I’m sold. I didn’t know I needed this movie in my life until now. This looks like a classic PTA love story.

  5. TheRealJims says:

    This looks awesome

  6. Samirit Banik says:

    This year I’ve watched PTA movies and I can’t explain how much I fell in love with his works. This film is going to be no less than a treat. And Philip Seymour Hoffman’s son, here’s looking at you kid, make your father proud.

    • Sóvári Dávid says:

      This year will be extra special for father-son moments. Along (in the industry) with young Hoffman, James Gandolfini’s son (Michael) is gonna rock in The Sopranos prequel.

    • Chris Cohen says:

      Same man. I rewatched all his movies this past year and he is absolutely my favorite director.

  7. Jake D says:

    this year we get leading roles from Gandolfini’s son and Hoffman’s son, two of the greatest actors of our time and now their legacy continues to their boys, beautiful stuff

    • Antonio Parenza says:

      @moviefan Yeah but the thing with Gandolfini and Hoffman is different because they became actors after the death of their dads. Of course it was easy because of their names but I think they’re pretty good actors as you can see from this trailer (for Hoffman) and The Many Saints of Newark (for Gandolfini). But I understand what you mean. Another example of bad nepotism is Jaden Smith who became an actor only because of his father and it was terrible because it seemed like he really didn’t care and didn’t put enough passion into it. But again, I think that Gandolfini and Hoffman love acting and you can really see it

    • marilia0607 says:

      @Evan Peltier even if they’re talented, this is a huge opportunity that they only got through nepotism

    • Sam says:

      The director himself is a product of nepotism. Nepotism doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Unless there’s zero talent…

    • JoeDurp says:

      And it’s both by people that knew their fathers and what they could do

    • JD Bond says:

      @moviefan there’s nothing wrong with it.

  8. Valron Films says:

    Never in my life did I think there’d be a PTA movie with Jon Peters as a character (for those who don’t know, he was one of the most elusive producers in Hollywood and almost gave us a Superman who didn’t fly)

  9. Roos Smit says:

    As a film buff and a Haim fan this is such a treat!! I knew Alana Haim played a role in the new Paul Thomas Anderson film but didn’t realize she literally plays one of the leading roles, so awesome…I can’t wait to see this!!

  10. Ian James Comstock says:

    I’m sensing that PTA is getting back into the “Cameron Crowe feel-good” movie genre, and I’m all for it. Also Bradley Cooper in this trailer is my spirit animal.

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