Liverpool 1-0 West Ham | Premier League Highlights

Liverpool 1-0 West Ham | Premier League Highlights

Watch the highlights from West Ham’s Premier League trip to Liverpool.

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31 Responses

  1. Dawg Spencer's YT says:

    Allison is literally carrying Liverpool…1 pen save and excellent block against souceks tap in …just wow

  2. HH Shorts! says:

    are we just not going to talk about the fact that nunez’s volleys are insane

  3. ITZXGOAT3D™️ says:

    Honestly, as a liverpool fan I deeply have a lot of respect for fabianski he saved so many shots and yet didn’t get man of the match

  4. emi says:

    0:42 I would’ve lost it If he had scored that 🔥

    • Justin Walker says:

      Reminds me of that Suarez shot that absolutely rattled the post years ago – think Toure missed the header from the rebound

  5. Layth Barzangi says:

    Liverpool fan here, I want to applaud West Ham. They really put it all out there that we had to work hard for the win. Fabianski was brilliant and kept the score at a respectable 1-0. Like someone else said here in the comments, if West Ham had a clinical finisher up front they would be a much more formidable team because other aspects of their game (e.g. counter attacks, long balls, set pieces) are of high quality.

  6. Admilson Barbosa says:

    Excelente jogo de Darwin

  7. Pushpender Gusain says:

    Fabianski as usual displayed brilliant goal keeping skills under the post. His crucial saves confined the score line to 1-0.

  8. Aine Peterson says:

    Nunez slowly showing his classic. Unless you trust your gloves don’t be in the post. Powerful shots😮

  9. Colin Van Der Ross says:

    Gomez my man, realy shows his top class, pitty for that foul which resulted into a failed penalty but otherwise he is doing the job well in that defence👍LP FAN

  10. Yogi Traderz says:

    Nunez… his header is another level

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