Living With The WORLD’S STRONGEST FAMILY For 24 Hours!

Living With The WORLD’S STRONGEST FAMILY For 24 Hours!

This was one of the HARDEST challenges I’ve ever had to do!!
500k likes and I’ll let the strongest 10 year old CONTROL my life!!

Special thanks to the Bowen family 🙂 DOWNLOAD THE Bowen family’s app for workout tips:

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24 Responses

  1. Brent Rivera says:

    hey 🙂 this was one of the most challenging videos I’ve done! so enjoy! hahaha

  2. Emaria_snipperCatXx says:

    I love that Brent always goes beyond and above to entertain us he’s literally amazing 💗

  3. Joe D'Abate says:

    We all agree Brody’s showdown is beyond greater thank Brent’s 27.2 mil subscribers ❤ Funniest video yet 😂

  4. Ben Azelert says:

    I could never survive a day with that family! 😆

  5. Kidplaysgameslol says:

    Brent is never fail too make me smile ❤❤😊

  6. Charlotte : Single again ♥ says:

    Bravo on your latest video! Your dedication and hard work are paying off. Keep pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional content

  7. Roblox_fan123 says:

    Brent never fails to entertain me

  8. pebbles 4 says:

    I would rather watch Brent’s videos on the treadmill than watch regular tv on the treadmill 😌❤️

  9. ⭕Free Giftcard Giveaway says:

    Let’s thank this good man for giving us a very entertaining series and for the effort he puts into each chapter! 💛

  10. iconicfairiez says:

    You suffered for our entertainment! You really are my favourite youtuber.

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