Lucky Block Staff – Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 33

Lucky Block Staff – Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 33

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34 Responses

  1. @alanbecker says:

    Don’t listen to DJs nickname for the bee:
    Also plushies!!

  2. @seungpark7290 says:

    I know Alan said Red is a troublemaker, but this is a step taken to EXTREME levels. Definitely deserves a timeout for fulfilling his curiosity. RIP Beeper. You will be missed. o7

  3. @lasercraft32 says:

    Alan and his team have more creativity than all of Hollywood combined.

  4. @Flippygoinginsane says:

    It’s genuinely fascinating how these fight sequences are animated. I know they’ve been a part of Alan’s animations for a long time, but they still are so complex that I can’t wrap my mind around them. I really underappreciated them for a while, and they should be noted out a lot too, if they aren’t already. The team must have cracked down hard on them.

    • @GOOI_34 says:


    • @Billcipher66669 says:

      I made your likes on this comment a solid two hundred bro you deserve it. I’ve watched these animations since the second coming’s introduction, and they have always made my day a lot better. He’s one of my favorite YouTubers and he deserves recognition. It’s people like us that pour our hearts out in the comments that are the real fans. I salute you. I’ll ask Alan to give you a Beeper plush too.

  5. @haroldp.sadwood1181 says:

    The animation is astonishing, the characters and plotting is so elegant and effortless with the setups and payoffs, even without dialogue, but the part that always impresses me the most is the music. The trans-diagetic sounds with the noteblocks, the dips and climaxes in time with the action. I have no idea how you would even storyboard one of these, let alone execute it this well. It’s perfect.

  6. @CircadianAnomaly says:

    Rest in peace, Beeper, may the flower fields you now roam be lively and plentiful.

    On another note; this episode is amazing! The score playing along with all of the fights was immaculate.

    This is a beautiful work of art. Kudos to you and the team, Alan!

  7. @jjjghu7806 says:

    With each episode, you can truly feel the animation becoming more refined, the sense of speed of objects, the vibration of the scene when it is destroyed, and the smoother way to tell a story, Alen team was truly popping up in every step

  8. @TheDreamSkyCyanBlue says:

    I absolutely like how Alan REALLY focused more on releasing full episodes with the higher quality and frequency. Great job Alan 👏

  9. @kingjoe1245 says:

    One of the things I like about the staff is that whenever a powerful block is placed, the visual effects become more sparkling than the other blocks.

  10. @zachshore1318 says:

    This entire episode was amazing. Not only was the beginning experiments with the staff extremely groovy and fun, but also helped establish some of the powers that we would see later in the fighting, which helped make said fight scenes more understandable with so many things happening.

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