Main Event: Luis Ortiz vs. Charles Martin | HIGHLIGHT | FOX PPV

Main Event: Luis Ortiz vs. Charles Martin | HIGHLIGHT | FOX PPV

Luis Ortiz battled Charles Martin in the FOX Pay Per View Main Event. It was a methodical back-and-forth bout that saw Ortiz knocked down twice. To see how this fight played out, buy here:

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Main Event: Luis Ortiz vs. Charles Martin | HIGHLIGHT | FOX PPV


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43 Responses

  1. PBC ON FOX says:

    What did you think of the main event?

  2. HaveFaithGlory says:

    Shout out to Stevie wonder for editing this fight for us.

  3. Sebasco says:

    Half of these “highlights” were literally spent introducing the fighters

  4. Super Looming Hyena says:

    You know you’re in trouble when you can’t even beat the actual Ring ropes.

  5. Shermz69 says:

    They don’t wanna show you the highlight of the whole damn night 😵‍💫🥊

  6. Wole Fatunmbi says:

    Wow, PBC King of best highlights 😂 half of a two minute highlight video on introduction and of course the knockout with the hand caught between the ropes😂
    Big up PBC 😂

  7. Sudesh K says:

    During the 2nd knock down of Ortiz all I saw was a Dad who tried to convince his kids that Dad is not hurt!🥺 Kudos to him for getting up and getting the KO victory 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    • Tekkn_ says:

      @Ant McQueen the guy is like 60 yrs old 😅

    • tom11zz884 says:

      That is why you don’t have your family sitting ringside watching you fight..especially your small daughters.

    • ammar says:

      I don’t think my kids would have went down from that shot

    • Connor Webster says:

      He did something to his leg after that 1st knockdown its like he pulled something or slipped his knee cap i thought it was wobbly legs first but look how weird he fell on that leg

    • Don Johnson says:

      @LeekyYT_ To be fair, he wouldn’t know it by watching these “highlights” lmfao. Dude probably thinks Martin got tangled in the ropes on his own and just gave up lol.

  8. GBGuthrie says:

    The full KO sequence was Brutal. Martin’s soul got snatched, ended up tangled in the ropes and then got planted. Credit to him, he tried fighting back when he got back to his senses but Ortiz knocked them back out again.

  9. LionHeartZell says:

    Very disappointed in yall not showing what Ortiz did, to make Martin look like he forgot where he was in the 6

  10. F.H M says:

    Just when I thought PBC editors can’t possibly out-do themselves, they start off 2022 with this highlight.

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