Making the stinkiest chemical known to man

Making the stinkiest chemical known to man

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Thioacetone is something that I’ve been wanting to make for a while, and now, I finally get to experience its horror. Will it be as horrendously stinky as it is claimed to be? Will it make me pass out and vomit?

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• Making a fart juice developed by the U.S. government:


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32 Responses

  1. TheDeath0fDucks says:

    Nile really read multiple credible sources about the horrors of thioacetone and thought “nah these guys were just weak, I’m built different”

  2. Gabriel Malta says:

    I can’t understand how I’ve managed to be entertained by this channel for YEARS without understanding anything he’s talking about.

    • pyropulse says:

      This is basic stuff, like if you have a 6th grade education you should be able to understand it. It is super simple; it isn’t like general relativity where you have to study advanced mathematics for years before you can even begin to touch it

    • Yocheved Chana says:

      I will never have any use for any of this information, yet I can’t stop watching.

    • naka says:

      It’s like being a medieval peasant watching an alchemist do chemistry that you can’t understand and then explain the arcane “magical arts” that are supposed to explain how it works

    • Adore Oner says:

      You know what smells are right? Then you do understand…

    • Isabella D says:

      Also his ideas are like chemistry class on crack, very entertaining

  3. Jon Smith says:

    orb at 33:55 when the voiceover perfectly syncs w/ him actually telling the camera guy hes upwind that was some 10/10 editing

  4. Matini125 says:

    it has to be a kink at this point
    and he’s barely disguising it

  5. Eurynome 11 says:

    Nile- I had to keep my eye on it very closely

  6. Antonio Tejada says:

    I think we need to establish a baseline for Nigel’s sense of smell by having him smell surströmming.

    • HE’S coming soon says:

      Dear friend, believe in Jesus – the Son of God 🙏. «Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them».

    • DackxJaniels says:

      The main stink component in surströmming is butyric acid, and he’s synthesized that on the channel before (I think he even states so in this video). Pure butyric acid is worse than surströmming. Trust me, I’m a swedish biochemist.

    • Andy Garag says:

      this needs to happen

    • cnocspeireag says:

      @Elias Tosteberg people from the Nordic countries assured me it was rarely eaten. When it was, the can was opened under water, and the fish eaten outside.

    • Piss Ant says:

      LOL yeah that thing REEKS! You are not supposed to eat it indoors. Regards from a Swede that loves surströmming!

  7. Hybridesque says:

    Had watched the SciShow video that referenced this chemical just this week. When Nigel said he was gonna make it… I thought.. “lord have mercy”.

  8. Psycho Obst says:

    “Some people claim the smell gets even worse in water…”

    Rents island, something surrounded by water.

  9. Mowraq says:

    Mad german scientist recipe: Check
    Far away island: Check
    Bio weapon grade stink: Check
    Grab for world domination: Pending…

    Edit: Also this reminds me of a story a friend told me from when he was studying chemitry. I don’t remember the details but they were working with some chemicals and for some reason the professor decided to mix what they had in their test tube by just blocking it with his thumb and shaking. His comment then was “Oh, that tingles a bit, what is that?” It was aqua regia. Your nose is the olfactory equivalent of that thumb.

  10. NGC1433 says:

    This was on the verge of collapsing into NileGreen video the entire time! So cool.
    I thought you’d send it to our ozzie friend splosions&fyre….

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