Man. City vs. Crvena zvezda: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Man. City vs. Crvena zvezda: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Reigning champions Manchester City start their quest for a repeat European title against Serbian giants Crvena Zvezda.

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47 Responses

  1. KP Legendz says:

    It baffles me that no one is talking about Rodri. That man really showed his class and composure today.

  2. Pizo says:

    Props to Crvena Zvezdas keeper even though he had a crucial goal scoring mistake he still saved 13 shots on goal and made crucial saves

  3. Nico says:

    having alvarez at the 10 and haaland at the 9 has to be a nightmare for defenders, who are you supposed to lock down when they’re both so dangerous

  4. Kryptic517 says:

    Glazer was immense. True he messed up on the second goal, but still a splendid performance! Could’ve been 6-7 without him!

  5. FUTBO7 says:

    *Props to Crvena zvezda they were quite solid defensively and even got a goal in. Tbh i expected man city to win 5-0*

    • abcde says:

      Unlike all other delusional fans. We understand that stats don’t mean anything and that any team has it’s set of difficulty so you have to play to win. In the end after 60 mins city played at their pace that’s how you get things done.

    • Shota Omori says:

      Solid defensively? Did you not see their goal getting peppered with shots? The gk did a good job not making it a blowout. The defense was terrible allowing so many headers and good shot opportunities. At the same time man city was basically passing around the defenders like they were nothing more than just cones.

    • Chris Jantzen says:

      @Shota Omori well when the expected outcome was like 5 or 6 to nothing, only letting 3 by is pretty good

    • Shota Omori says:

      @Chris Jantzen thats what happens when you have a GK doing a good job. That does not however mean at all the defense was doing well. Letting your gk have to make big saves because they keep getting peppered with shots is what bad defense does.

    • TheOne777 says:

      @Chris Jantzenbut it was more city not being focused on being clinical because they missed sitter after sitter the whole game. It’s 7 or 8 on another day

  6. Yukina says:

    Julian Alvarez this season needs to be talked about more. He’s been City’s best player

  7. Chris Hong says:

    Really impressed by how Alvarez sorted out his feet on that first goal, some athleticism
    Haaland may not score every game but hes clearly learning how to attract defenders and open up space for other midfielders. This city team is scary!

  8. Mack McGowan says:

    Julian Alvarez would start as a number 9 at any team if he wasn’t at City period! He is an incredible player!

  9. SamuraiJose817 says:

    the goalkeeper was on fire. despite the 2nd goal it was probably his shoulder still hurting.

  10. Ovidiu Botan says:

    And that is why football is wonderful, Red star crossed the half one time alone in the first half and scored after City missing 10 chances! But lets go back to my boy Julian, what a clinical player, speed, passing, shots, the whole package, truly brilliant. Rodri is the pillar of the team, absolutely exceptional. And Doku fits like a glove on the left side, great signing. Lets do it again boys! Hit them Pep!

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