England vs. Italy Highlights | European Qualifiers

England vs. Italy Highlights | European Qualifiers

Check out the Highlights as England took on Italy in the European Qualifiers.

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England vs. Italy Highlights | European Qualifiers

FOX Soccer

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53 Responses

  1. FOX Soccer says:

    What did the outcome say about both teams?

  2. sandyy says:

    Bellingham is just too good. Assist, after assist, after assist.

  3. Chandler P Chumsworth says:

    I think England can go all the way. Italy fell apart in that second half. Bellingham masterclass.

  4. MINILIK Theodros says:

    The one thing England can hope for is for Bellingham not to get injured. He is one of those players that can change a game.

    • Ian Justin says:

      He is a powerful player and he also has a mean streak to him. If you watch the game against Scotland, the scots tried to dish-out the rough stuff to him early in the game. Once he started giving it back, they kinda backed off!

    • Por la razon O por la fuerza says:

      ​@Ian Justinexactly. Talent + grit is a dangerous combination. This kid is the future

  5. Huy Nguyễn Thế says:

    Other than Bellingham’s masterclass, kudos to Rashford. He has got his confidence back. What a finish to take the lead.

  6. Manny Yard says:

    Bellingham is a generational talent. Can’t tell the last time England had one. I would love to see Bellingham, TAA and Rice in the midfield. Kane, Rashford and Saka upfront. Stones is a bit slow but he makes up for it with his skills. Him, Tomori, Walker and Reece if he stays healthy, would make England a force to be reckoned with. But with Southgate. England will find a way to have Maguire, Phillips, Foden and Henderson in the lineup. Obviously Foden is better than those 3, but he is too inconsistent to start. France to me is still the team to beat, but if England play their ballers, it’s lights out for the other teams.

    • technickelnet says:

      Kid looks polished

    • Dank Platypus says:

      Foden isn’t inconsistent, he’s world class, probably top 3 on England squad behind Bellingham and Kane

    • Andrew Wolf says:

      Agreed re: Bellingham. Nothing he can’t do at the moment. However I strongly disagree with Trent in MF. Phillips brings 100 times more consistency and work rate. He may be sitting at Manchester City but that is not due to his lack of quality, Rodri just happens to be one of, if not the best pivot in the world atm. Trent may have an incredible right foot, but he is a major defensive error waiting to happen. In terms of Saka vs Foden out on the right, Saka is perhaps more adept at beating players 1v1 from the wing where as Foden is more of a #10, picking up the ball in between the lines and creating chances. If he ever starts scoring more often he surpasses Saka IMHO. I think Southgate just prefers Foden’s control and talent carrying the ball in between the lines in the attacking third. He will probably use both and start Saka more often if his form is good next summer. Isn’t Saka hurt – didn’t play vs City last week.

    • Manny Yard says:

      @Dank Platypus This is why we don’t take English fans serious. How is he top 3 when Saka is on the team. If you are a Foden fan fine, but only Bellingham, Saka, Walker and Kane can start for any top 3 countries in the world. Foden is a good player but those 4 players I named, hardly have any bad games, or is benched for multiple games.

    • Other-stuff-sports says:

      Gotta be Bellingham, Maddison and Rice in midfield.

  7. Kimchicracker says:

    Never seen Kane run that fast 🏃 What a goal!

  8. cardphins68 says:

    The difference from July 2021 until now is Jude Bellingham. This guy has turned that position into a weapon, best player England has had in a long time. Harry Kane was just awesome on that 3rd goal! GO ENGLAND!

    • John Lombardo says:

      Kind of like the days of old .. only other midfield player at his level is KDB .. and no doubt bellingham will catch up when he has the experience of kdb

    • TheRbruin10 says:


    • marctastic says:

      RAAAAAIDERRRRS!!!! 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

    • cardphins68 says:

      Good man sticking with your NFL team, I respect that! Been a ‘Phins fan for 51 years and they’re The 3 Lions of the NFL! With their choking and underachieving ways, maybe we are indeed on to a new era! @marctastic

  9. Marcos The Great says:

    I’m an American and a big supporter of Italy and Italian football. Italian football hasn’t been the same. Each year I continue to see Italy slowly moving away from their tradition and roots that once made them great. Although not attractive to many, defensive/counter-attacking style of play is here to stay. However, in the past 10 years, Italy has been producing talent in the forward and midfield positions, but very little in the defensive side. I want to see the next Cannavaro, Nesta, Maldini, Chiellini, Bonucci, Gattuso, Materazzi, Zambrotta and the list goes on. This possession based playing style isn’t suited for Italy and it never will. England literally gave them a piece of their counter-attacking medicine. Spalletti is a good coach but isn’t the answer on a national level.

  10. Juba Yuva says:

    Kane is getting better as he ages. Great performance as always.

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