Man City vs. Inter: Extended Highlights | UCL Final | CBS Sports Golazo

Man City vs. Inter: Extended Highlights | UCL Final | CBS Sports Golazo

Erling Haaland and Man City hope to win their first ever UCL as they go head-to-head with Romelu Lukaku and Inter for Europe’s most prestigious prize.

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54 Responses

  1. TheTakahashiKid says:

    Dias’s ability to instinctively head that ball wide was just unbelievable.

  2. Evan Walker says:

    Inter played a great game. Everyone underestimated them but they showed that they belonged there.

    • Keyuante Johnson says:

      Inter is a bigger club and more relevant than man city and inter has a bigger history fantastic fan base and more legends than oil money city

    • Evan Walker says:

      ​@Keyuante Johnson Don’t be salty after I acknowledged they played well. The history of football is clubs with money winning, who cares where the money came from.

    • RS says:

      @Keyuante Johnsonstop crying. You lost. Move on.

    • IMustNotDoThis says:

      @Keyuante Johnson all y’all talk abt is history, stay in the past 💀

    • Crokka Doodledoo says:

      Lukaku twice now has stabbed inter in back in big final. scores an own goal in Europa final that cost game. stops a clear goal from Dimarco. that would of put them level as Man City were barely holding on.

  3. Gianluca says:

    That’s amazing how none of those balls went in for inter lol. Truly shows how football can be harsh and both amazing at the same time

  4. NG0 says:

    Fair play to inter👏they made city really work for it

  5. Renick Jeune says:

    Inter’s Defensive Organization And Work Rate Was Incredible.

  6. Reinaldo Martinez says:

    Lukaku has been looking incredible for man city ! His defensive form is top notch

  7. Maharaja Ramzan says:

    Congrats City for finally breaking through…

  8. User says:

    The ending for me was unexpected and just amazing. Congratulations Man City on the winning the UCL

  9. Jeff says:

    I’m happy for Kevin De Brunye. After YEARS of struggle and getting injured twice in the champions league final he FINALLY broke through and won the Champions league. Now he will go down as one of the GREATEST midfielders in history

  10. Mohamed Bouhtout says:

    This game deserves about 5 goals not 1, such a tight game❤

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