Manchester United v. Aston Villa | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 12/26/2023 | NBC Sports

Manchester United v. Aston Villa | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 12/26/2023 | NBC Sports

Relive Manchester United’s stunning second-half comeback victory against Aston Villa at Old Trafford in Matchweek 19. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManchesterUnited #AstonVilla
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Manchester United v. Aston Villa | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 12/26/2023 | NBC Sports

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60 Responses

  1. @legniak1 says:

    Gotta love Højlund’s passion.

  2. @John_058 says:

    I’m not a fan of the Manchester United team, but today’s game really touched my heart. I could feel the players’ emotions, especially their hunger for a desperately needed win.

    • @LionLeaderX says:

      as a manchester united fan, today’s game made me explode with happiness!

    • @raphaelthomasbrodie9309 says:

      Let’s hope they keep it consistent with the energy, chemistry, and the hunger. Chelsea and man utd needed to come back strong.

    • @NoNamesLeft. says:

      feel happy for hojlund tbh but also sad the meme is now dead lol

    • @Alan.Gabbana says:

      ​@@LionLeaderX relax one good week, you already know what’s coming 🤣 like 4 straight losses, that’s how this team is gets one good result then go on a streak of losses or bad performances

    • @danielowens2013 says:

      ​@@Alan.GabbanaMy prediction is our next game will be disappointing , but when we get casemiro and Martinez back in January we will be unstoppable for the rest of the year.

  3. @Jeff_2x says:

    BY FAR Marcus Rashford’s best performance of the season.

  4. @naythanrodriguez6384 says:

    Højlund’s first premier league goal 10:39

  5. @jacobstathers8823 says:

    The passion holjund showed after that goal gives me goosebumps, good for him man

    • @danylo7768 says:

      it’s pathetic, over 900 minutes one goal. there’s no goosebumps about that its pathetic and grossly overrated

    • @jacobstathers8823 says:

      @@danylo7768 Manchester United as a team sucks balls, if they can’t get him opportunities it’s not really his fault. He’s a good young player give him time. Mfers hate just to hate

    • @jonathanbhuma6966 says:

      ​@@danylo7768 dude did u see him at Denmark? He’s a baller

    • @dansamoylenko9129 says:

      @@danylo7768 you haters love to hate , he got the game winning goal give some props

    • @philldumas9847 says:

      How is it hating when people are speaking facts with the money spent on him he should have more than 1 goal halfway through the season

  6. @pedronavpons says:

    Real Madrid fan, but seeing Hojlund’s emotions after his goal almost brought tears to my eyes. He deserved that moment

  7. @charxd312 says:

    Anyone think rashford played good?

  8. @Jeff_2x says:

    Garnacho brace, Hojland finally broke through, and Rashford looked like his old self. United play like this more consistently they’ll be hard to stop.

  9. @mayvafitness3174 says:

    I know Onana has made his mistakes, but at 10:33 United’s defense showed why the team has conceded so many goals this season.

    • @ireachagilityacademy says:

      Every goalie makes mistakes

    • @inthelittlelightning says:

      @@ireachagilityacademy but when it’s on a consistent basis and costs you european football it’s not great is it? Onana screwed us financially as well as football related. Should never have gotten rid of de gea.

    • @fpsoccer9791 says:

      Mainoo is too inexperienced for the Premier League. That clip you mentioned shows it. He runs to the goal (To prevent a shot? A low pass?) rather than holding his position to block the cutback.

    • @Abfitaaz says:

      Look the other goals too. Not his fault defense should be headings those never hit the ground

    • @inthelittlelightning says:

      @@fpsoccer9791 i disagree with that statement mainoo is totally ready for the premier league and currently is our best holding midfielder. He plays with authority and looks calm on the ball. Plus everyone makes mistakes even though i don’t think it was his fault in that clip.

  10. @Kwami357 says:

    There’s no football fan in the epl that is not happy for Hojlund for getting his first epl goal

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