The World’s Most Isolated Hotels

The World’s Most Isolated Hotels

Today I got a bit bored and decided to travel to the most isolated hotels in the world
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Get Viva La Vida by Coldplay and over 1M + mainstream tracks here

License ID: QN4vaBbgG1K

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27 Responses

  1. @SocksIRL says:

    im never going outside again
    spoiler below

    nadwes punishment found here ->

  2. @120tv0 says:

    I love how socks is always looking out for nadwe like a parent.

  3. @ThatGuyGaming2008 says:

    We need more people like socks. He keeps his friends and others motivated through tough times. He deserves to get thanked along his journey as a YouTuber. He does crazy stuff like this to keep us viewers entertained. This man is devoted

  4. @Chekkam2422 says:

    I love how socks was motivating Nadwe and was taking care of him like a big brother. It is so heartwarming ❤

  5. @sleepybard5189 says:

    I have no words to describe how proud I am of the crew for doing all this crazy hiking, even if Nadwe struggled he did. I’m also felt so emotional watching socks help Nadwe. Congrats Socks Crew, you’re truly amazing and inspiring!

  6. @WilmPatrikSpencrGold says:

    i love that socks actually became nadwes dad figure and was literally like, genuinely the most concerned for him and chose to help nadwe get through the first rock climb.

  7. @8L4NK. says:

    The power of friendship led Socks, Nadwe, Oof, and the cameramen to succes in conquering the tight schedule and to meet the most isolated hotels.

  8. @TikoYTOfficial says:

    this vid seriously fire

  9. @Kookieciller says:

    The way Socks is so supportive to Nadwe is amazing to see, what an amazing friend

  10. @damienchandler9635 says:

    I love the way socks was nice to Nadwe! It’s so generous that socks was willing to call an emergency helicopter for nadwe. Nadwe is the one who suffered most because the hike in Switzerland was the death of him,Not only that but Nadwe was bleeding because of how bad it was.

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