Many Surprises Await in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero!

Many Surprises Await in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero!

Watch the latest trailer to discover new Pokémon, new moves, a new Tera Type, and the return of some familiar friends. #PokemonScarletViolet ❤️💜

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44 Responses

  1. Majami Heart says:

    Having access to all the starters again is very emotionally significant, especially for those who want to give their first starter Pokémon a sandwich.

    • Man of Truth says:

      Still wanted to treat Infernape to some curry. Game Freak can go back and add the rest of the Pokémon to sword and shield. That will give them plenty of time to make a new game, and breathe new life into SWSH (take a look at the movepools, SwSh and SV play vastly different, akin to how Gen 1 and Gen 2 played)

    • Ben says:

      Except incinaroar get him out of here

    • Seita says:

      I am definitely feeding my Bulbasaur as many times as I can

      That and my Rowlet.

      And my Fennekin.

      And my Froakie.

      And my Totodile.

    • LudicoloEnjoyer says:

      Unfortunately, like Landorus T, Incineroar acts as that gateway equalizer; we might hate how much usage it gets, but god damn it; it does stuff for everyone’s team.

    • Azuran’s Home Base says:

      TREECKO, THE VERY FIRST POKÉMON I EVER GOT (alpha sapphire was my first game) CAN GET GIVEN A SANDWHICH😊

  2. RayRuby says:

    I love that the starters are in the game. If they’re catchable in the wild and not just transfer only I’m going to shiny hunt for sure

    • light darksoul says:

      They look to be wild

    • Michael Nelson says:

      Same for me. I admittedly haven’t gotten a grasp on the new style of breeding yet, so the only shiny hunting method I’ve done is the wild method, with or without sandwiches. So seeing the starters be available in the wild is very exciting for me.

    • Last True Elk says:

      ​@Michael Nelsonget a ditto lol

    • Kamiyouni says:

      Outbreaks are gonna be crazy for starters. (If outbreaks can happen in the terrarium)

    • Eric Parazak says:

      ​@KamiyouniI presume they will be available. After all, it seems like outbreaks will be a thing in Kitakami, judging from the upcoming event

  3. Frank D says:

    With all the starters returning, I hope that means we’ll get the rest of them in Unrivaled raids as well. 🙂

    • Ashrith Reddy says:

      Yes likely all the starter final forms level 100 can be in tera raid battles, currently all the ones in the game prior in DLC are available but the other starter pokemon we have to wait until DLC come to transfer them.

  4. Netronox says:

    Raging bolt getting a priority move (I think) is pretty good, I assume it’s gonna be slow though. Also hariyama getting the flinch move that has higher priority than bullet punch is pretty insane.

  5. Jetfox967 says:

    Smeargle being back means that Grafaiai now has a rival when it comes to marking territory. Also, it is cool that we can have all previous starters in one game.

    • Zachary Zwickl says:

      That thing coming back has me upset. I was good with it being banished from online play.

    • Sara Hohman says:

      Or a new best friend!

    • Thomas Morse says:

      @Zachary Zwickl prepare to see more fairy-types, that’s my only forewarning for the Smeargle Species!

    • Lucifronz says:

      @Zachary Zwickl No offense, but I sincerely hope Game Freak always disregards PvP when thinking about what Pokemon to bring back. I don’t care how it affects you, if I want a favorite Pokemon in my team in a game I will be *pissed* absolutely _PISSED_ if they decided not to implement it because “some players don’t like their mechanics”.

  6. NovaDog says:

    Having all starters obtainable is great. Those are the Pokémon that I guarantee every single one is someone’s favorite. I got so happy seeing my baby Popplio here.

    • Lucifronz says:

      My thoughts exactly. Although I suppose technically it’s already guaranteed that every Pokemon, no matter how useless or goofy, is someone’s favorite.

      But starters are always one of three options at the start of an adventure and therefore likely have more sentimental value for a vast amount of players than most Pokemon.

  7. CrimsonThornX says:

    Great, now I can have a team/picnic full of both Totodile and Fuecocos, as if one good friend-shaped, empty-headed crocodile wasn’t enough now we got two, double the fun!

  8. Spider Phoenix says:

    I’m really happy all starters are coming back. Hopefully, that’s going to be the norm. Sucks it’ll only happen in the final part of the DLC but as long as all of them are avaliable, it’s enough for me. May that continue past this gen.

  9. ZaWaterPumpkin says:

    2 things,
    1. Emboar is super overhated, and I’m glad it’s coming back
    2. If Mr.Mime is also coming back maybe, then my first ever team will fully be available to the game.
    You guys got me excited even more that all starters will be available

    • Chris Cunningham says:

      I loved Emboar when I play BW.

    • Geothegrimreaper / lucario shiny fan says:

      As someone who loves the whole Tepig line I am definitely Shiny hunting him! And if I remember correctly Emboar has a sick Shiny!

    • LocoMokuu says:

      I am (almost) entirely loyal to picking the fire type starter in these games, and I think tepig is pretty neat. Chimchar and fuecoco might be my favorites, though

    • FeraligatrKirbyEric27 says:

      I think the Tepig line is great tbh. Been doing a hardcore nuzlocke of Pokemon Black and it does serious work with the combination of Work Up and Flame Charge

    • Geothegrimreaper / lucario shiny fan says:

      @FeraligatrKirbyEric27 I really like tepig and I think it’s shiny through evolution are pretty good if I remember. But I plan to go for a shiny of every starter just cuz I can and I’ve got the shiny charm as well so my odds are a bit better

  10. Wat Tambor says:

    Now we can all say “THIS” area is potentially where all the wild starters until gen 9 are caught and given to new trainers. I always felt like this was how they got all the starters, cause until recently you couldn’t ever catch a starter in the wild. As if they just hid away from sight (Obviously gamefreak wanted your starter to feel unique and therefore you’d be more likely to bond with it).

    But THIS…all my starters in one place. If I was a professor from any of the regions before Paldea? This would be the spot to catch the three starters of my region and bring ’em back.

    • Isael Elena says:

      Recently as in X/Y? They weren’t easy to get perhaps, but possible. These are methods that are not tied to events. X/Y being the only one that’s tied to an online function but not limited time:

      * X/Y: 1st and 6th in Friend Safari (a bit harder and need friends but possible)
      * Sun/Moon: 2nd and 5th through Island Scan
      Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon: 1st and 6th through Island Scan
      * BDSP: 1st-4th in Underground
      * Legends Arceus: Game starters in Dimensional Rifts

    • V. U. says:

      @Isael Elenadon’t forget the regular Sinnoh starters were actually legit found in the wild of PLA lol

    • Marcus Clark says:

      $35 to get pokes that should already be there isn’t great, nor a $100 to get everything in a still mediocre game

    • Orlando Sanchez says:

      Well no, the actual reason they’re not available in the wild is to incentivize players to trade. The “lore” reason is because they’re rare but in games like LetsGo Pikachu the original trio have places you can catch them after some combo bonuses. Bulbasaur in Viridian forest, Squirtle in Seafoam Islands, Charmander in Rock Tunnel

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