Marvel Studios’ Echo | Official Trailer | Disney+ and Hulu

Marvel Studios’ Echo | Official Trailer | Disney+ and Hulu

No bad deed goes unpunished.

All episodes of Marvel Studios’ #Echo, a new Original series, streaming January 10 on @DisneyPlus & @Hulu.

Set your Disney+ profile to TV-MA to stream.

All episodes will be available on Hulu until April 9.

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30 Responses

  1. Garrett Watts says:

    I love how Daredevil is just in a spit second shot of this and not some big hypey show-stealing end-of-trailer shot. It’s cooler that way.

  2. CroneNex says:

    We need these types of series back.
    Marvel take good steps.

  3. Amazingtrooper5 says:

    I really hope this doesn’t disappoint. It actually looks good. Hopefully the trailer lives up to my expectations I had for secret invasion

    • Snow Queen Elsa says:

      Trust me don’t watch it it’s like a toxic boyfriend just don’t go back to it because you will only get hurt.

    • WestCoastKing says:

      this is yall problem. yall have expectations and it doesnt make since. yall be havin these crazyyy expectations and just end up being dissapointed

    • Nothingness says:

      @WestCoastKing crazy expectation is to want to be entertained with escapist content from a company that was once famous for family entertainment

    • bman147 says:

      @WestCoastKingim not expecting it to be Sicario but I do want it to be decent- Secret Wars was hot garbage

  4. Āłî Ľõ says:

    This is exponentially cooler than I expected!! Finally we see in Marvel more violence, blood, hostility. Great sound, montage, characters! Happy to wait for the release because I had low hopes in a project at all. Good to see how Kevin and and all team are working on quality of projects!! And respect to showrunners for standing their vision. good job. Make Marvel great again!!

  5. H-Visions says:

    Is nobody gonna talk about how well crafted this trailer is? Definitely one of the best I’ve seen in a while!

  6. Cloud Boka says:

    A marvel trailer for something that is TVMA and doesn’t glorify it’s cameo and actually cares about a story. More of this please.

  7. The Canadian Lad says:

    This actually looks very very promising!

  8. Blair Thandi says:

    This is awesome to see Echo get her own show. She nailed it in Hawkeye.

  9. Kyle Arruda says:

    Vincent as kingpin is one of my favorite marvel casting ever. Period. Dude is a legit beast

  10. DJ Extra'Piklix says:

    No cap, it actually looks pretty good. Hopefully it’s well executed

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