Version 4.2 “Masquerade of the Guilty” Trailer | Genshin Impact

Version 4.2 “Masquerade of the Guilty” Trailer | Genshin Impact

“Now that my magic is spent,
Please, O judge, lift the chains from my soul!
Never again consign me to dance alone upon this lonely isle.
My last glimmer of hope I offer up to you.”

Neuvillette — Ray Chase
“The Knave” Arlecchino — Erin Yvette
Navia — Brenna Larsen
Furina — Amber Lee Connors
Charlotte — Maya Aoki Tuttle
Mona — Felecia Angelle
Nicole Reeyn of the Hexenzirkel, codename “N” — Amber Connor
“Childe” Tartaglia — Griffin Burns
Skirk — Cat Protano

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40 Responses

  1. rose 💪🏻 says:

    skirk, furina getting the death sentence, neuvillette using his powers and the prophecy being fulfilled is NOT something i expected all in one update

  2. squidifly says:

    Hoyoverse never fails to amaze us with these jaw dropping and beautifully animated trailers. I swear my eyes are watering right now😭😭

  3. StephanMok1123 says:

    3:03 is the most stunning part for me. Notice how as Furina bows down, the screen turns black for a few frames before a small light appeared where Furina’s eyes were, and slides down slightly.

    That’s her tear…

  4. Murphy'sLaw says:

    Neuvillete’s english VA Goodness me..He’s living the character…How he modulates his voice to suit the emotion of such a prominent character…I’m so so impressed.

  5. Muhammad Firdaus says:

    The main quest for the Fontaine nation. “Masquerade of the guilty”. Just like in the travail we’ve all watched. Goosebumps anyway 🥶

    • 073 _ Moch. Januar Akbar says:

      Looks how they highlights the hydro gem description in the Livestream unlike other before. We will see it happening in the next patch, can’t wait

  6. Jose Alfredo Guerrero Ibarra says:

    does anyone else felt a hit in the heart watching furina crying along the words “death sentence”? 😭😭

    • T_traindock says:

      my whole heart crumbled into pieces 😭 like don’t go kill my girl like that😭😭😭

    • Jose Alfredo Guerrero Ibarra says:

      @T_traindock dunno what she gonna do to deserve such a heavy sentence, but I’m sure it’ll be so emotive for me to witness 😢😢, I hope it just be a stunt like when we were supposed to be put into the jail, it was just for eating a cake and the whole thing was planed… perhaps, this time could be the same right?? 🥺🥺

    • Electric Froggy says:

      My precious Furina get killed nooooooo!

  7. CE Creation Official says:

    This is by far one of the most insane genshin trailers ngl the team really did an amazing work!

  8. rin06798 says:

    Navia’s voice line crying to her Papa… so full of sorrow and sadness 🥺

  9. LetMeSleep says:

    I sense the admiration in neuvilette’s voice when he describes focalors as “devious” it makes you think that the “play” or the plan of focalor to deal with the upcoming calamity that arlecchino has been always asking already started 500 years ago when neuvilette met focalors (I just don’t know if furina was just acting that she doesn’t know what the plan is or she knows there’s a plan but doesn’t remember or know what it is)

  10. Xiao's says:

    what the…ever since I heard Neuvillette’s voice with Furina’s death sentence sheesh I got goosebumps already…really, never failed to make me so with every genshin impact’s trailer.

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