Marvel Studios’ Loki Season 2 | October 6 on Disney+

Marvel Studios’ Loki Season 2 | October 6 on Disney+

The past. The present. The future. ⏳

Marvel Studios’ Loki Season 2, an Original series, streaming October 6 on Disney+.

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30 Responses

  1. Drama Kurdi says:

    I’m really excited to see him use more of his powers. I think they were very underutilized in the movies so it’s really cool to see all he can do besides shape-shifting.

  2. Spawn Camper says:

    The only thing I’ve been looking forward to since phase 4. Loved the first season, hope this doesn’t disappoint

  3. The Real Mega Bros says:

    Loki is top notch from the audio to the visual. Looking forward to the new season.

  4. emm says:

    The amount of joy and happiness this series has given me the last 2 years has been seriously immeasurable. This series means the world to me, Loki, Sylvie, Mobius, all of them. I still can’t fathom the fact we get another go around with 6 more episodes. I’m so insanely excited I love this series to pieces 😭💚💚💚💚💚

  5. KitchensAreHot says:

    The art / cinematography direction for this season looks astonishing

  6. Randomness says:

    I CANT even explain how excited I am, I can’t wait for season 2 I just know it’s gonna be amazing 🤭💚

  7. The gaming king says:

    Ah the quality of the shots, the background music, the cgi. This tells everything that it is gonna be even better than s1.

  8. Listoric says:

    When they annonced Marvel Disney+ shows THIS and WandaVision is, what we wanted. THIS. Creative stuff, fun stories, great acting, great quality. I wish more shows would hit these highs. Can’t wait!!!

  9. Mentallyillmushroom says:

    I’m so excited!! Loki was my “thing” during covid, so I’m curious to see where this season takes us. Thanks Marvel!

  10. Urban Horrors says:

    This looks to be greater than season one! The origin of Kang, and the question of how (and if) Loki is moving through time ties in with that. This might become my favorite Hiddleston/Owen time travel show this side of ‘Midnight in Paris’!

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