Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – Movie Review

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – Movie Review

Aquaman returns for the final nail in the DCEU coffin. Is this a solid farewell?….judging by the thumb nail….yeah, let’s just review AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM!

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38 Responses

  1. @justinriley says:

    And with that, the DCEU can finally be laid to rest.

  2. @jeffanderson9938 says:

    We will one day have entire books and documentaries made about the entire turbulent history of the DCEU’s 10-year run.

  3. @redemolisher says:

    When Jeremy decides to value our time more than DC did….
    This man killed this review and the movie instantly😂

    • @MaxxRemKing1 says:

      Even when I disagree with him which… almost never happens he is the reviewer I trust the most. Basically never lets me down

    • @redemolisher says:

      @@MaxxRemKing1 Aye! Infact if I’ve seen a movie and none of my mates have seen it yet, I’ll search to see if Jeremy has a review on it. like catching up on friend / trusted source point of view. Heck sometimes if he’s dropping high praise on a movie in the beginning I’ll stop it right there. Watch the movie in a week or so then resume the review. Like his fanboy intro is a “trust me bro, tis is da good stuff” stamp of approval.

    • @mygetawayart says:

      I’m pretty sure they know we’re not watching it. For what it’s worth, the people they’re disrespecting the most are the people who made this movie.

    • @mainstreetsaint36 says:

      You cannot kill that which is already dead.

    • @James10239Smith says:

      I was hoping I would disagree with him but man this movie sucks 😭😭​@@MaxxRemKing1

  4. @MrLJS1988 says:

    You don’t always ruin them. I think you’re just tired of crappy super hero movies. We are right there with you.

  5. @burgerking8475 says:

    As a huge Batman fan, I gotta say, I really loved The Dark Knight!

  6. @clflaz2737 says:

    Kudos to Jeremy for telling it like it is yet again!

  7. @NorthernChimera says:

    Starting off with flash was better is wild😂

  8. @StubzTurner says:

    To be honest, I complete forgot this movie was even coming out and in 5 minutes, I’m most likely going to forget again.

  9. @zillauniverse7208 says:

    You know Marvel and DC are doing something wrong when Jeremy had more fun with a Mario and Transformers movie more than the vast majority of comic book movies this year.

  10. @lisandro1983 says:

    Glad you loved it! Can’t wait to see it tonight!

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