Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel | Official Trailer | Disney+

Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel | Official Trailer | Disney+

The future is in her hands.
Ms. Marvel, an Original series from Marvel Studios, starts streaming June 8 on Disney+.

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32 Responses

  1. JayShockblast says:

    Really looking forward to this. Not sure how much I love changing her powers up to make them all sparkley but I guess let’s see how it translates.

  2. Press Play 🍥 says:

    Absolutely looking forward to this show, and totally did not expect that from Marvel. Nice stuff guys, can’t wait.

  3. Turner Watson says:

    That last shot, where she’s on the streetlight post…perfect. I imagine we’ll see her outfit evolve, like starting out as a Captain Marvel cosplay, then eventually accepting her own vision. This looks absolutely delightful.

    • the one who speaks. says:

      @AKumar528 Has nothing to do with being a “woke liberal”, lol. It’s nice to have modern pop culture in Marvel movies, now. People like to relate to characters and their stories. So don’t get pressed over a “woke liberal” reference in a tv show.
      Oh, and before you call me a “woke liberal” too, I actually don’t delve in politics too much. I don’t support either side.
      No one cares about your unpopular opinion. Ttyl.

    • A Yeon says:

      @AKumar528 maybe watch the first 23 marvel movie if you want simple superhero movie.

    • AKumar528 says:

      Her final suit will consist of burqa and Abaya. I mean seriously Marvel. So much woke liberal it feels like a Netflix made movie. Couldn’t you have made a simple Marvel superhero movie for once??

    • bLoWc16 says:

      That shot looks like she is wearing her costume.

  4. Allon Braitman says:

    I like the change to her powers. Makes her more similar to but still definitely unique from the other Marvels. Plus it clears the road for them to go all out with the way Mr. Fantastic looks. And yes, marvel 100% confirmed that the Fantastic 4 are coming to the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse.

    • Allon Braitman says:

      @Saumil Jobalia Disney set themselves up properly with Phase 4. If they wanted to, they could easily pull off getting the original X-Men cast in a similar way they pulled the Raimiverse into the MCU. They’re no longer confined to continuity-based explanations. It would be really cool for sure to see that Reed Richards has existed the whole time, but it would also be another stupid “not my problem” explanation of him not being around until now. He doesn’t need powers to impact the MCU because he’s literally the smartest fully developed human male on Earth in any marvel continuity and we definitely would’ve heard about him by now. Yes, smarter than Tony Stark, Hank Pym, and Bruce Banner, with the only exception being Peter Parker as he’s not fully developed into his highest potential yet. That’s like going 15 years knowing about Bill Gates but never hearing about Elon Musk lol

    • Saumil Jobalia says:

      Yeah. Reed Richards bought Stark’s Avenger Tower. Also indicated when the one of the legs of the A fell off the tower making a 4.

  5. CluelessPhil X says:

    This actually looks good while im annoyed they removed her inhuman background I like how her powers look and I have high hopes for this show now

  6. Swrve says:

    No way did we get a Ms Marvel trailer before Thor Love and Thunder😂

  7. Toby Cream says:

    I can’t wait for this show. The only downside is her powers not being her original ones, but otherwise it looks great

  8. Big Mean Bisexual says:

    This actually looks rather good and the trailer doesn’t give much away, it doesn’t really reveal any storyline it just shows bits and pieces to build that intrigue. Looks like they’ve changed her powers, at least some, but oh well if it’s good it’s good. Definitely something I’m going to check out.

  9. maryam tanveer says:

    Love the trailer, looking forward to it but I wish they could’ve made her powers accurate to the comics.

  10. Zach Crafts says:

    This looks really good. I don’t care if her powers look different or the show has a different tone to the rest of the mcu or a younger audience. I don’t care I’m excited about it

    • Zach Crafts says:

      @Kwuajae Got. Taste your probably right. I’m not very educated on her powers. I’ve just seen that as a talking point on why people think it’s bad.

    • Kwuajae Got. Taste says:

      She has the same powers, it’s the band that gives her the cosmic abilities, I think. But her stretching powers seem to be permanent.

    • Web says:

      @Den Sakai because thats what ms marvel is a teen with some powers

    • Den Sakai says:

      How on earth does this looks really good? It looks like some crappy teen drama with special effect.

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