MAX REACTS: Mortal Kombat 1 Gameplay Reveal

MAX REACTS: Mortal Kombat 1 Gameplay Reveal

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Max reacts to the latest trailer released during Geoff’s Summer Game Fest showcasing the first ever look at Mortal Kombat 1’s gameplay, with Kameo tags, returning characters, and more!

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33 Responses

  1. SONICgokuverine says:

    The sneaky match loading while the characters talk shit to each other is a stroke of genius.

    • Kool Audio says:

      U peeped that huh ??

    • Nero says:

      ​@red_crow584 Looks like the pre match dialogue now takes the place of any kind of loading screen.

    • Daniel F says:

      ​@red_crow584 yes but there’s a bit where they clash and talk rather than a loading screen and then there’s the match intro dialogue and then it starts

    • rudimusawesomusmaximus says:

      Netherrealm just learned to implement things from previous games. Merging the Injustice Clash with beginning intro dialog to do the loading screen was smart

    • Grumpy old troll says:

      Intros look shorter do to them it’s just two lines rather than 3. But we get the match loading one to.

  2. Crazy M says:

    I love it that they’re focusing more on friendships more than fatalities

  3. Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    While not as quick as MKX, the air combos look pretty cool. Still a bit skeptical, but also a bit optimistic. I also like that Sub-Zero has a dive kick. I’m guessing it’s his slide done in mid-air?

  4. ASE says:

    Whoever thought of the transition from fighter select to in game intro has my respect that is so beautifully done

    • ShawZIIZ says:

      The intro dialogue this time act as a loading time before the match. It is genius. Also by doing that, we really can hear what they talk since you can’t skip it coz is a loading screen at that time

    • MinhaBanheira says:

      @ShawZIIZ Fucking true holy shit

    • Warsmith Goz says:

      @ShawZIIZ For real, they found a way to keep the immersion whilst allowing games to go by faster.

    • therock238360 says:

      The Switch is gonna turn into a IED trying to pull that off

    • TheTriangle444 says:

      NRS is really elite at presentation of fighting games. Like nothing comes close on their production value

  5. Ted Gonzalez says:

    I’m happy they moved the intro dialogues into the loading screens. That way, people can’t skip them, and we’ll have something to see while waiting for the fight to load.

  6. KC Smooth says:

    The loading screen clash and the intros are the sickest I’ve ever seen in a fighting game.

  7. Christian Penrose says:

    I may not be the biggest Liu Kang fan but the man had the culture to bring back Kenshi and Stryker in his new timeline and I appreciate that

  8. MKF30 says:

    The classic outfits look so good!! And I’m loving that loading screen thing, the whole updated MK3/UMK3/MKT Vs. Screen but talking smack into the match is freaking awesome lol

  9. _Femto_101 says:

    I love that the air combos look saucy af. Love raidens redesign, seeing his monk outfit while doing them Shaolin moves is chef kiss.

  10. Jack Hayes says:

    I LOVE Kenshi’s new design. Also making him a sort of Yakuza character is fitting and a creative way to rewrite him. What I’m curious about now is Takeda. The leaked Fighter Pack 1 said it would include him, I wonder how he’d be redone…

    • James Gratz says:

      You really believe a “leak” including 3 superheroes ? Or whatever ? Lol that Lela was debunked

    • The OUTLAW KING says:

      Yeah, he does look like a Yakuza boss, with the Dragon tattoes and fancy tailor-made suit, odd but interesting redesign to his background 😂 Also yeah, that KP is total bullshit dude, no way it’s real.

    • Jackalope777 says:

      He looked kinda like Lewis Tan to me. Lol. Threw me off at first.

    • James Gratz says:

      @The OUTLAW KING there’s just no way there gonna add omni man or Homelander. This game doesn’t seem like the same weird vibes of past games. I could be wrong but idk

    • The OUTLAW KING says:

      @James Gratz I believe Takeda but so many supers, yeah no. But Grace Randolph seems to know who they’ll be, she has some inside knowledge.

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