Spider-Man 2 – Release Date Teaser Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2023

Spider-Man 2 – Release Date Teaser Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2023

Insomniac Games’ anticipated sequel to 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man got a release date teaser. Spider-Man 2 will be available on PlayStation 5 on October 20, 2023.

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54 Responses

  1. theshade says:

    There has been no greater year to be a Spiderman fan

  2. T Jones says:

    Can’t wait to play this. Insomniac has never disappointed me.

  3. T.T says:

    Venom looks amazing, reminds me of Web of Shadows, big, imposing, scary as hell

  4. Richard The First says:

    There is something about a developer giving you the month and date of a game release that just gives you endless joy.

  5. Shivam Trivedi says:

    Ok so that gives me about a week to finish Assassin’s Creed Mirage😂

  6. Griffin Besnoff says:

    The guy at the helm of this all seems like a real fan and it feels like they put a lot of heart into this game.

    • QK Nichols says:

      He was the creative director on spiderman PS4. No shade at the director for Miles Morales, but this guy really knows his spiderman stuff and wants to tell a unique Insomniac version of spiderman…

  7. King Shadow says:

    Spider-Man time!

  8. prathap charan says:

    Man we can never get tired of spidey and his adventures!

    • meci says:

      Absolutely, this got me so hyped man, can’t wait

    • Moonlight Mask says:

      For real, In terms of actions this game is going to have a lot of it can’t wait.

    • rj miggins says:

      One of the highest grossing Marvel characters 👌🏾

    • Rojae Davis says:

      Right. The games though. His recent comics aren’t really doing so hot.

    • ThrottleVinnieModo says:

      @rj miggins THE highest-grossing superhero character. Currently very close to surpassing Star Wars as the 2nd highest-grossing film franchise of all time behind the entirety of the MCU which also includes Spidey anyway.

  9. Diego Pansini says:

    We need two references in the game for total satisfaction: “Shockerrrrrr” and Bully Maguire

  10. The Digital Dumpster says:

    Insomniac nailed Venom’s look. Anyone agree?

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