Meet Our Daughter, Lilly!

Meet Our Daughter, Lilly!

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22 Responses

  1. Chilly says:

    Follow Lilly’s instagram to see daily photos!

  2. The wreck Family says:

    i knew y’all since 2019 3 years with happiness i’m glad y’all have you guys baby luv y’all

  3. Trunks Evo. says:

    Man i’m really proud of what ya’ll have achieved, i’ve Been watching since 2016 wich may not be much but ive Been CONSISTENT in EVERY upload. Back in the OG channel i saw You move and moved with You EVERY SINGLE TIME and i really saw You hit bottom with YouTube yet i was still there giving My personal support and i wish ya’ll the best. This is really a Milestone like no other and it’s Amazing and well deserved Logan and Chilly, i really look forward to your new family since this is a new step in life and Even then i’ll still be there supporting You as much as i can, idk about everybody but with me and My Best friend You got two loyal to death fans, much love to your family, chilly’s family and Lily ❤️

  4. itsurgirlnic says:

    Oh my god, When Chilly saw Lily for the first time and she started crying I started to that was so bittersweet.

    Lily is so adorable I’m so happy for you guys!!! Chilly and Logan you guys are going to be such great parents! 😭❤️❤️

  5. LavaKaZ says:

    I’m actually tearing over the fact Logan had a baby…this is just wholesome and amazing for Logan to actually have a daughter! Congrats to the SML family 🥹

  6. G-Bomber101 says:

    Congratulations Chilly and Logan, been a fan since 2012 and never imagined for this to happen, so proud of you guys, God bless your daughter and hope you have the best upbringing. Love you guys

  7. Maya says:

    Congratulations!! I’m extremely happy for you guys and she looks so beautiful! Hoping the best for Lilly and the both of you!

  8. Melody Of Nature says:

    I’m proud of you guys, I been watching sml ever since 2015 and I feel proud of you and blessed your daughter 🥰

  9. Tom Bomb says:

    Congrats guys!

    • Astro’s Edits says:

      AY bro what’s up imma Interview u real quick SO how’s it feel knowing u got Logan a win years ago how does it still feel? 🎤

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