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25 Responses

  1. Ryland vlogs says:

    I’m so excited the Christmas vlogs are back!!! Hope you enjoy:)))

    • Michelle Allen says:

      Is my pinned post being scammed? I can’t tell seriously!

    • Sir Marcus Glossin says:

      Oh btw shane I remember your song and it doesn’t trigger me too much but so I have this thing and like I just wanted to say my mama was Santa and she’s not a prdophile so #notallsantas

    • Sir Marcus Glossin says:

      22:55 GOREGOUS absolutely Christmas town houses. My great grandmother actually had a few of those Christmas houses I think they’re around the house I’m in now in Arkansas with the ornaments but yeah I almost forgot the Christmas town houses existed until this video .

    • Amber lynn says:

      You should tell Shane he’s become me with chirtsmas like I get wrose an wrose every year I’m currently working on turning my room into a chirtsmas room but it’s taking some time lol

    • Sharon says:

      Yet again guys I’m sitting here at the end of ur Christmas vlog with the stupidest smile on my face and I’m 46 years old haha. Yous really cheer me up, not sure if yous realise how much you both are loved!!!!!!! Yous are building an amazing life for ur family to be. Brilliant traditions for yous all. Have a blessed Christmas when it comes, much love from Scotland xxxx

  2. shane says:


  3. taylor h says:

    Spend half the video just smiling like crazy. Seeing two deserving people being happy and getting to fulfill all their Christmas dreams is amazing to watch. Rylands Vlogmas starting means the Christmas season has officially begun! 🎄❤️

  4. Nick Z says:

    Ryland, we can always count on you to supply us with Christmasness. And Shane I’m so proud of how far you’ve come!! Love you both and love the realness of you Shane, living your best life for you and no one else!! Love you!!❤

  5. Isabel Hawley says:

    I love how exited Shane and ryland are about their Christmas Town. 😊

  6. Rachel A says:

    You have no idea how much you guys help with my depression. The world is a better place because of vlogs like this 😂 love you both.

  7. Tara1016 says:

    Shane wanting a Santa’s Village since he was a kid and watching his complete joy making his dream come to life completely warmed my heart 😭❤

  8. Emily Cooper says:

    The way that Ryland and Shane pick little fights but still find a way to turn it around and show love right away is exactly what I need in my life.

  9. holdingoutforapiratehero says:

    Watching this made me so happy. They look so in love and so happy. It didn’t feel forced at all. It’s beautiful.

  10. Devon Morgan says:

    I’m not one to get all excited for the Holidays right after Halloween…but your vlogmas gets me in the spirit! ✌🏼💚🎅🏼

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