Minecraft, But A Bee Is Added Every Second IN REAL LIFE…

Minecraft, But A Bee Is Added Every Second IN REAL LIFE…

Minecraft, But A Bee Is Added Every Second IN REAL LIFE… This was insane, yes a real life bee was added to my room every second.
Donate To Save The Bees: https://gofund.me/99a3e0a6

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I beat Minecraft with a bee being added every second! This was my second real life Minecraft challenge, if you want to see more videos like this drop a like! This was super fun, but I definitely would not want to do this again. The bees were attracted into the room that I was in safely using honey and bee saving professionals. I brought my friends Dream and George along to watch me struggle out of fear of being stung!

Bees are incredible creatures and help every day life so much! If you want to help save the bees, consider donating with the link above! $1 can save 60 bees! Dream and I both contributed $5,000 personally to help save as many bees as we can!

Thanks to black hammock farms for setting this up for us! www.BlackHammockBeeFarms.com

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28 Responses

  1. KianKSG says:

    should’ve got Honey to sponsor the video and donate to the charity, missed opportunity haha

  2. hayes818 says:

    the fact that he looked so calm and collected while having bees not only surrounding him but on his hands is wild.

    • Vincent Reyes says:

      I got stung when I was a kid, but I think bees are cute. I’d personally keep my distance from them, though. I don’t want to bother them in their natural habitat, and they are a crucial part to our environment as the world’s top pollinator. So me intruding in their natural habitat is the last thing I want to do for these cute and vital creatures. Plus, they make honey, and I love honey. So I’d let them do their thing.

    • Abbie Universe says:

      I agree.

    • Adzkia Naura says:


    • Projit says:

      Sapnap suffered to hell cause my content is better

    • Brandon Gao says:

      Well he gets attacked if he makes any sudden movement

  3. DrepressoEspresso says:

    I love how he was getting more calm the more bees got added while George and Dream were like 10x as scared as him!

  4. wilm says:

    I love how his friends were just trying to convince him the whole time that the bees were trying to lay eggs in his ears

  5. onnilu says:

    the fact that the beekeeper literally calls himself ‘Dennis The Bee Guy’ is just so wholesome

  6. MizuStr3ams says:

    The effort he put in this video and the fact he looked so calm around the bees even thought he mentioned he was afraid of them at the beginning. This truly shows the dedication he has and props to Sapnap for the absolutely amazing content he provides.

  7. Roblox Max says:

    Dream : *holds world records for Minecraft speedrunning, can win against 5 men hunting him down and is a mastermind in lore*
    Also Dream : 16:08

  8. MJTheUnusual says:

    I’ve had a phobia of bees since I was like 3-4 years old. This would honestly kill me to do but he handled it amazingly. Props to you man. <3

  9. 20k challenge with 0 video says:

    it’s so cool how sapnap puts so much effort into these, doing things that most other content creators don’t

  10. HuntPumbaa says:

    this is actually insane, ultimate props to Sapnap for doing this, I could never o_O I loved it, this man deserves more credit for his guts

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