Minecraft but there are Custom Hearts

Minecraft but there are Custom Hearts

Playing Minecraft while there’s custom Hearts brings a whole new challenge to the game!

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Welcome to Craftee where we take on different challenges and play Minecraft but strange things always happen. Today we’re playing Minecraft but you can craft Hearts! Let us know which part was your favorites and remember to drop your ideas in the comments for future videos that we can make!

Minecraft but you can craft Hearts

#Minecraft #But #Hearts


🎶 Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
All music used with permission from its creator.

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30 Responses

  1. Craftee says:

    We just launched our first ever merch! http://Craftee.store – special 250k subscriber posters, only 250 available! Grab them before they’re gone. 🤯

  2. ישי עפרוני says:

    I wish i even had an heart while him making hearts

  3. Mayraude PlaysGames says:

    Craftee : “Dorky jokes hehehe”

    Villager : *s l a p s h i m o u t o f e x i s t i e n c e.*

  4. Whatsapp Drip Car says:

    I remember when Craftee was at 55K subs and I’m so happy to see him blow up 🙂

  5. bebo bro says:

    Custom heart is probably the best thing I was thinking of for my server

  6. Die Quinnkracht says:

    OMG. Imagine he said we just hit 250k this video, one hour later, WRE ALMOST AT 300k!

  7. ThePeanutPlays says:

    “The dragon heart!”

  8. Omar Almamoun says:

    Craftee: I dont only have a bodyguard i shoot amethyst out of my eyeballs

    Me: (dead of luaghter)

  9. Ryu Cruz says:

    “Split it amongst yourself” hes such a poet XD

  10. - [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW says:

    forget speedrunning the game, mans is speedrunning youtube

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