MLS CUP HIGHLIGHTS: LAFC vs. Philadelphia Union | November 5, 2022

MLS CUP HIGHLIGHTS: LAFC vs. Philadelphia Union | November 5, 2022

MLS CUP HIGHLIGHTS: Los Angeles Football Club vs. Philadelphia Union | November 5, 2022

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41 Responses

  1. Mark271792 says:

    Wow! What a game! The greatest MLS game in history! Two of the best teams in the league squaring off in a back and forth affair. This could be equivalent to the NFL’s 1958 championship game between the Colts and Giants if the MLS plays their cards right.

    • donviajero says:

      @user sixnine I agree that MLB is still way more popular. But the average age of MLB fans is approaching 60, while soccer is already more popular than baseball among people under 30. And this isn’t just a US phenomena. I can think of several other countries where baseball has traditionally been on top, but where the younger demographic prefers soccer (South Korea and Panama come to mind).

    • David de la cruz says:

      @Luke W shut yo dumbass up go do some hw

    • Luke W says:

      Nah, the first LAFC vs LA Galaxy game was better.

    • David de la cruz says:

      @Azabaxe80 you don’t understand man you don’t even watch it , it’s pointless

    • Azabaxe80 says:

      @David de la cruz So you’re objecting to the OP’s choice of words. Fine. If that’s your problem here, then what exactly was the point of calling MLS a joke in an MLS forum then?

  2. mattomate9 says:

    This was a great final, man! Fair play to LAFC and Philadelphia for bringing us such an entertaining game! And congrats to all the LAFC fans out there!

    • Frankie Five Angels says:

      @danny there are simply too many teams to have one table. Remember MLS models itself on the NBA and NFL, not the European leagues. I’ll give them credit, they know they will never be the Premier League or La Liga so they don’t try to be.

    • danny says:

      @Frankie Five Angels it’s too bad that they started out that way because it gives an unfair advantage in the tournament, I know I am bias but I still think European way where instead of a tournament just winning the league is better and having a tournament separate from the league somehow, even though just with the way the mls started it’s impossible for them to try and change that now

    • Frankie Five Angels says:

      @Adam Ziet they have to make the regular season mean something. Even the award for best regular season record, the Supporters Shield, is basically meaningless because they no longer play a balanced schedule.

    • Blue is the color says:

      @Adam Ziet basically there is a supporters shield for the team with the most points at the end of the season for each confrence combined. Basically the winner. They get to play all matches at home no matter what even the final.

    • Josh M says:

      @Adam Ziet It used to be neutral in a pre-determined stadium each year. But they changed it in 2013 to be hosted by the team in the final with the best regular season record. That year the Galaxy were already set to host and they made it to the final. The atmosphere was so great compared to previous finals that the league changed it. Honestly, its a great call. The only team GUARANTEED to have home field advantage in the final is the team with the best season record (the champ in most other leagues). But you still have to win two playoff games to get to the final as the #1 seed…

  3. AllFifaNews says:

    What a game! Such a historical match it will be and shows the MLS is a growing leauge and both teams were equally good and that bale goal was special. Congrats LAFC!

    • Rafa Messi says:

      @Abdn fc1903 European and south American league were like mls too at their starting years
      They didn’t jump out of nowhere
      It’s a long process mls will take more years but they can achieve too

    • Abdn fc1903 says:

      @Mathew Van Ostin a joint Euro/American Champions League sounds truly awful. MLS teams are lower Premier League/Championship level at best. They would get trounced easily.

    • Adair Castillo says:

      @Stan Smith Yeah huh , didn’t give the red to the philly player after a elbow to the face 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Mathew Van Ostin says:

      Actualy mls since the late 2010s is best league of the americas. Why?

      Cause usa canada attract top brazil argentina mexico league talents. You get paid in us$ and get to live in big modern american city as a multi millionaire

      Between playing in random mexican or brazil city. Being paid in pesos or reales. Instead of living in Miami Orlando San Diego Los Angeles New York Boston Texas etc. Being paid in us$. Plus a chance to get a usa or canada passport. The choice is quite easy

      But mls wont surpass europe quality. Unless they are able to pay more. And maybe lobby fifa to have a joint europe-americas champions league

    • Abdn fc1903 says:

      Yeah it is a growing league. But it will never be the same quality as leagues in Europe or even South America…. it’s a league for players from European clubs to retire to. One final big wage

  4. Ivan Fade'Em 🅥 says:

    *What a final man!*

    *I basically went through every emotion watching this game. I was happy, worried, excited, mad, confused.. etc. A little bit of everything that’s how you know it was a good game* 🔥

  5. PD Sesa says:

    I don’t even know what to say. Everyone thought Philadelphia had won it. But Bale showed why Lafc signed him with that insane header and the death. You could see the stadium erupt. Hands down greatest game in MLS history. As an Atlanta United fan congratulations to Lafc, I was at MLS Cup 2018, so I know what their fans are going through. As for Philadelphia, you guys put so much work into this season but fell just short, but there’s always next season.

    • dvalent13 says:

      @Covfefe carranza was fouled in similar fashion earlier and the LA guy was not carded, so while controversial there at least was some consistently on those incidents

    • Bennett Patton says:

      @Covfefe ohh

    • Chuleta Orozco says:

      @Stacy L man shut up! Fair ?? Look at the stat sheet, LAFC dominated Austin stop crying .. and in what did LAFC benefit from the ref this game? Explain to me that? We got a red card, unions tying goal looked to be offside, where were we getting benefitted? You people are just haters but keep hating while we fly high. I was at mls Cup seeing my team lift the trophy while your at home crying

    • Covfefe says:

      @Bennett Patton double yellow. He should’ve had a yellow when he elbowed Chicho, at least I think it was Chicho. Some think it’s a direct red but either way it should’ve at least been a yellow

    • Music. Football. Music. Football. says:

      My man, Cardiff boy Gareth Bale! See you at the World Cup.

  6. Мистер Огонёчек says:

    This was by far the greatest game that I have ever witnessed in person be it baseball football or basketball. I will never forget this!

  7. sjdrifter72 says:

    This was by far the BEST MLS Cup Final ever played. So much drama that I was on pins and needles throughout the game. It’s gonna be VERY difficult to top this one!

    • Luke W says:

      @Nate What are you talking about? If the referee is making any decision based on who the home team is then he is a cheat and should be banned from the sport!

    • Scythe says:

      @Marcelo it was in LAFC home because they were the higher seeded team and i didnt see any ref advantage it was pretty fair people only complain about the ref when their team loses but since LAFC won because they clutched it people need to find something even though LAFC was the team that got a red card and had to change its goalie

    • Marcelo says:

      @Nate why was it in LAFC home? should’ve been in neutral field. Or a two game final..

    • Nate says:

      @Seth Freakin Rollins it’s called home team advantage for a reason LOL

    • Seth Freakin Rollins says:

      Only thing that ruined it was the biased refs.. true soccer fans know what I’m talking about

  8. Jesús says:

    Que gran final, le voy al Galaxy pero felicidades Lafc te lo mereces Carlitos

  9. Jase says:

    Bale’s just chilling before the World Cup and still steps up with a legendary moment for his club. 🔥

    • The Med says:

      @AddictedTrader As a Real Madrid fan, that’s just how Bale’s football life is sadly. In and out the infirmary!

    • AddictedTrader says:

      He wasn’t chilling he was battling with small injuries. That’s why he didn’t play much but help LAFC Win MLS Cup

  10. tubetella123 says:

    Astonishing MLS final. This league is definitely headed in the right direction. What a performance from both teams. Impossible to take your eyes off the screen.

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