ABSOLUTE MASTERCLASS | Dmitry Bivol vs. Zurdo Ramirez Fight Highlights

ABSOLUTE MASTERCLASS | Dmitry Bivol vs. Zurdo Ramirez Fight Highlights

Dmitry Bivol vs. Zurdo Ramirez fight highlights, presented by @AutoZone.

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44 Responses

  1. justin jaay says:

    Bivol Is the absolute definition of an Elite fighter . He has an Iron chin & body , perfect timing , explosive combinations , blazing fast speed , aggressive counterpunching ability , power , endless stamina , high ring IQ , crazy footwork & heavily guarded defense . He doesn’t just fight in the ring but he also dances In the ring to read his opponents & drains them then starts dominating them violently until the 12th round . He has proven to the world that he is an unstoppable skilled talented fighter & possibly has the ability to become the new p4p king not just in this era but in all of history of boxing ! what a beautiful masterclass performance by Bivol !!!

    • Anthony Harty says:

      Beterbiev will brutally stop him, he can box brawl and his punch output is insane, he is also a great body punching inside fighter. Bivol is going to get hurt badly.

    • Ray Bee says:

      I started watching Dimitri Bivol about 3 or 4 years ago and he reminded me of a much bigger Ksytu Zua, and I made a killing off of some of my Hispanic friends in Texas with that Canelo fight that he dominated him in some people get caught up on race or ethnicity in a fighter and they forget about the skill set of the other fighter because I was the same way with Zab Judah and my friend pointed me out to Zyu and I watched him a couple of years before they fought and made a killing on that fight too

    • Chris Noyb says:

      Bivol is talented, but your description reads like a fan boy press release.

    • Danny See says:

      He just needs to get through Beterbiev.

    • Nathan Hagerman says:

      He most certainly has all of the skill and durability, I think the only reason he doesn’t get more recognition is the lack of crazy power and knock outs in his fights. Kind of a shame when you think that we value brutal, and often times less skillful, knockouts more than going the 12 rounds and showing complete dominance.

  2. Saddington Mangena says:

    Bivol is the definition of a perfected skill. He will never never be forgotten in the history of boxing. This guy is an example of a perfected talent. He dethroned the 44-0. I can’t believe this.

  3. Jose Carlos Lopez Acevedo says:

    Soy Mexicano,pero mis felicitaciones a bivol
    Me cae super bien este campeon
    Humildad ante todo
    Y pues ya les cayo la boca a mis dos compatriotas
    Mucho exito campeon

    • Futty Montoya says:

      @Rc3 NyC build the wall,we make tunnels..
      Wall no matters 🇲🇽🔦💡🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🇺🇸

    • José angel Pardini tateguaky says:


    • Noers Horrendous says:

      @José angel Pardini tateguaky Y quien no le dió la oportunidad? Tuvo 10 rounds para acabarlo y no lo hizo.

    • Noers Horrendous says:

      @Donovan_007 El Zurdo no es un gran campeón. Quien te dijo eso?

    • Noers Horrendous says:

      @Rc3 NyC He’s Russian, ya idjet! And you’re racist and fyi they fought in the middle east not in US soil and neither one is a US national.

  4. OlzFoRealz says:

    The ability of Bivol to pull the trigger when being attacked, countering or seeing an opening is just beautiful to watch. And he doesn’t just throw one counter, he throws 4-5-6 punch combos! Amazing conditioning, skill and IQ. Top fighter! Beterbiev has to be next for undisputed!!

  5. AlinJ says:

    He has the best lateral movement (and footwork as a whole for that matter) that I have seen in years. And those combinations… I wish he would do them more often but whenever he does it’s like poetry and motion.

  6. Theo A says:

    Bivol is a master boxer. He doesn’t look for the knockout he looks to dismantle you with pure skill.

  7. Stanley Lee says:

    I’ll be honest. I didn’t know much about Bivol other than that he was not Artur Beterbiev before the Canelo fight. With his last two fights, he’s really made a fan out of me. What an incredible performance.

  8. Linda Grootboom says:

    Bivol is simply amazing. Unbelievable pugilistic skills. His humility in victory is just out of this world. I salute and bow my head to this boxing great!!

  9. Jesús Alarcón says:

    Excelente pelea muy limpia,,,,, Bivol campeón….🇲🇽🥊….vamos por muchas más…un boxeador humilde sin tantas palabras….eso es ser profesional…👏👏

  10. Jonathan Martinez says:

    Mis respetos para Bivol gran boxeador, toda la pelea dominada y opaco a zurdo. Soy mexicano y reconozco su gran actuación felicidades Bivol !🇲🇽

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