Modern Warfare III is Coming

Modern Warfare III is Coming

The ultimate threat awaits #MW3

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56 Responses

  1. Call of Duty says:

    Use this comment as an “I’M HYPED” button 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. iMonkeyss says:

    I wonder how far into development this game is before it’s gonna get released

  3. C6 Ganyu says:

    I loves the part where they said “We’re gonna take their money and deliver a subpar product.” Truly the most MWIII moment of all time.

  4. Fakecodi says:

    imagine releasing a DLC as a full game 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Brian Ivory says:

    Going from MWII to MWIII in a year is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen, I want to be excited but I have a feeling they weren’t given a lot of time to work on this. Also it’s weird that Sledgehammer is the lead developer on this, say what you will but this is not their baby.

    • carbon.neptune says:

      time repeats itself

    • Its ya boi. says:

      Well they had a 2 year plan for MW2 pretty sure but they just said haha sike and made it into a new game

    • I'm Jody Mitoma says:

      Is this the end of Black Ops, maybe? Or has it been confirmed that it will continue?

    • Fros78 says:

      @I’m Jody Mitoma Black ops was never confirmed to be done. If anything call of duty 2024 is supposed the be called Black Ops Gulf War according to all the leaks.

    • I'm Jody Mitoma says:

      @Fros78 thanks for the head’s up! I never know what’s coming next for the COD franchise. I know they used to release things in sequence, but that is no longer the case. Interesting to see what comes the next two or three years now that things have really REALLY changed back-of-house for the producers and developers.

  6. ILogical Logic says:

    I remember the days when you’d get goosebumps watching stuff like this, but now they’ve buried there franchise so deep into the sand I don’t even care that much

    • BlueSkullX says:

      Yet you still come here so something draws you close

    • allsan6 says:

      @BlueSkullX Nah he’s right, only reason why I came here was to view the comments if people were hyped or annoyed lol.

    • Avenger 7702 says:

      @BlueSkullX I think anyone saying stuff like you don’t get how many people loved what the series was before mw2 and before mw19 and aren’t satisfied with the new games. I personally liked the reboots up until this year. Many others are on the same boat we just want to see the franchise do better and not put out trash that’s half assed. Not update the game enough and to actually care about what they are making mw2 was soulless

    • Captain Grimm says:

      You’re absolutely right, I just opened this trailer like.. huh, anyway..

      And continue on with my life

  7. rarevfx says:

    Another unfinished, high promised game on the horizon, with all the content we were already promised 🙏

  8. Nebula says:

    Imagine how crazy it would be if the devs put as much effort into the games as their marketing team puts into their trailers 🤯

  9. Bobby Dennis says:

    I’m really hoping Roach is a part of the campaign this time around considering he showed up in the originals when Makarov did.

    • BerticusBersht says:

      That would be cool but TF141 is already oversaturated with characters who still need development. It also seems like takes place immediately after MW2 so it’s not like Soap has matured enough to be a leader like he did in the OG MWs.

    • Greer says:

      We know that won’t happen

    • TaterTot says:

      They aren’t releasing a campaign for mw3

    • BerticusBersht says:

      @TaterTot this is literally a trailer for campaign elements why do you think that?

    • Jose Lopez says:

      @TaterTotyet they had captain price speaking for no reason right? Cause there’s no story? stop spreading lies 😂😂😂

  10. Gaben Vlogs says:

    I’m excited more for the campaign than anything

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