MrBeast Trapped us in his $10,000 Unbreakable Box!

MrBeast Trapped us in his $10,000 Unbreakable Box!

Download Monster Legends now and claim your reward!

We will get MrBeast back by building the most unbreakable and strongest box ever! Do you think he will let us trap him inside it?

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26 Responses

  1. Dangie Bros says:

    Download Monster Legends now and claim your reward!

  2. Misclick says:

    can we all appreciate all the work they out into the videos its great

  3. Timinator3000 says:

    Chris and Jeff not taking the deal proves they’re true brothers in arms 🔥🔥

  4. Zan Molecules says:

    I’ve been watching since the mystery waterslide video, and I’m amazed at how far you guys have come since then. Keep going with the great content!

  5. TheJali7 says:

    Tuned it after quite a while and your content has changed so much! Nice to see y’all doing great, guys 💪

  6. Draco Distortion says:

    wow. I’ve been watching Dangie Bros since they had that small backyard and built waterslides that ran off their roof. While those days were just as great as any, I now get to see Dangie Bros collab with Mr. Beast. Unreal and legendary. A testament to Dangie Bros’ success.

  7. Chris & Emily says:

    So proud❤️

  8. Pls help me to my dream of 10k subs says:

    Lets all appreciate the effort and hard work Dangie bros puts into their videos for our entertainment

  9. Riley Dennis-Thompson says:

    I rlly love dangie bros the never fail to make us interested in their videos and for them to have a collab with Mr Beast that’s amazing I LOVE DANGIE BROS ❤❤

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