My First Overnight in My NewTruck Camping Rig

My First Overnight in My NewTruck Camping Rig

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35 Responses

  1. MastaSquidge says:

    Mav. I cannot recommend the “afterburner” diesel heater controller from Ray Jones in Australia highly enough.

    I’ve purchased 3 of them so far. Two for heaters and a third as a spare just in case he stops selling them. The additional level of control is phenomenal. the biggest selling point is the ability for it to automatically adjust the fuel pump rate to meet demand instead of needing to manually adjust it or use the heater in the default high-low mode which overheats small spaces.

    • MastaSquidge says:

      @Peace Warrior no. You can set a fixed pump rate that stays where you put it. If the temperature drops at night the output of the heater stays the same and the temperature inside drops until you wake up and increase the pump speed.

      The afterburner will run it up and down as needed to maintain a stable temperature automatically. The Chinese controllers cannot do this.

    • Peace Warrior says:

      u can control the fuel pump pulse rate using the original controller, it just takes a bit more programming, and the benefit doesn’t really outweigh the haggle. Only advantage i see with afterburner is as IoT device to control ur heater from anywhere thru internet, which is an overkill for a camper!

  2. Alex says:

    Seriously why is Mav videos so comforting?! As an introvert you motivated me to go out more and do things myself 😀

    • Peace Warrior says:

      if u r truly an introvert, u wouldn’t need external motivation to do anything! That’s essentially the def of introversion! But the fact that u value solo activities does suggest that ur introvert-envy, like the billions of other extroverts who dominate the limelight in society with their loud superficiality, but without ever expressing anything deep or original that only an intuitive introvert can! u might need to have ur MBPT test retaken!

    • Ch1cken Phat says:

      @tuurtaburco settle down doctor phil. .

    • tuurtaburco says:

      No such thing as being an introvert, just have to stop telling yourself mainstream media lie and experience the world! Can’t tell what you are and are not unless you try and go out of your comfort zone

  3. Kim Perkins says:

    I live in my van…I know exactly how he feels…the sheer joy of when you’re warm and cozy and things just work out…it’s such an amazing feeling…ppl feel sorry 4 me cuz I live in my van and I’m have no idea how happy I am…sleeping by a cold windy lake..I just wish I was as smart as mav to make these amazing builds..but it’s ok…you’re the kindest person out there mav…u already know the drill..keep on trucking!

    • Peace Warrior says:

      dude is from the northwoods, what did ya expect! he’s prolly got some sweed or norwegian blood in him that keeps him constantly tranquil and easily content with life! It’s natural for folks like that; it’s the rest of us that have to work at it!

    • Andrew Hagemeister says:

      I agree, he was raised very well and it shows

    • Kim Perkins says:

      @S.T.Michael’s wonderful to see this young man interact with ppl..he’s genuinely kind with everyone he meets..and there’s just something so sincere about him..his parents definitely taught him good manners..but he’s not a goody two shoes..or self righteous..I love him..sounds like you are a caring parent….doing a great job!

    • S.T.Michael says:

      He does come across as just down right, genuinely kind. Fantastic personality, manors, maturity. Mom and dad Mav- nice work! Mav- you should do a video w/ the rents where you interview them or have them tell how it was being your parent while you were growing up. Maybe give parental advice as to what to/not to do.
      I will be so honored and thankful to hear anyone tell me something similar about my sweet daughter someday. Although I have had several of her teachers throughout her elementary/middle school/ HS career tell me she’s a true joy to have in class and that teachers fight over whose class she gets placed in the following year.
      Being she will be 16 soon, she’s testing me/things- ya know nothing scandalous, just regular coming of age, teen stuff, so that’s a little unnerving as a parent, ya know -ya just don’t want your good kid to make one bad choice that screws their life for years to come. … she’s our only child, so my husband and I tend to micro manage a bit… 😬which may push her even harder to rebel. Trying to maintain proper boundaries while still guiding them is tricky.
      Think about my suggestion Mav- would love to hear from your parents regarding how it was raising you- their parenting style etc.

    • Kim Perkins says:

      @Sonja D Long you too? Cool! Nice to meet you!

  4. / Beadlock says:

    hey mav, for the butcher block putting a hot pan/pot on it will pull up the grain of the wood and make it swell. might be worth getting a silicone pot holder

  5. Franklin G says:

    Mav never fails no one, he just keep putting out down to earth awesome videos, Such an humble and amazing person. Keep on Trucking Mav!

  6. Travel Camp 365 says:

    Definitely need to protect your drivers license at all cost, your drivers license is a big big part of your channel. As a auto transporter owner operator for over 38 years my drivers license was my paycheck, I’m very proud to say I only had 3 tickets in all the them years. Drive safe Mav!! And keep on Trucking!!

    • Travel Camp 365 says:

      @Erick Thomas I would film every Second of a traffic stop, it’s not illegal to film the officers and it keeps everyone honest and behaved.

    • Erick Thomas says:

      He lives up here in Minnesota. As long as our phones aren’t physically in our hands most cops won’t do much. He also has his phone attached to a dock which is all that they really care about. Obviously that’s not true for everyone. But he lives up north and I imagine if he gets pulled over he just stops filming so his phone just looks like it’s docked.

    • Dolly Plainjane says:

      Had my license revoked indefinitely when I was 32. Driving drunk and hit another car. Almost died that night. I quit drinking and went through SO much to get it back. Now I’m almost 65. That accident was the beginning of a new life for me.

    • TJ Adventures says:

      @jameson not supposed to do it but he lives in the middle of no where. Out west our officers are always watching to see if people are on their phones and you will get a ticket in a heartbeat.

    • julzberry says:

      @jameson i’ve been wondering the same thing, i’ve had a buddy pulled over and ticketed for adjusting his radio volume here in canada lmao

  7. Shalise Campbell says:

    Sweet new set up. All there’s left to do is put the lagoon table on a swivel to be able to place it in front of you so you’re able to prep your food more comfortable. Very cozy looking new set up Mav. Keep on trucking!!

  8. copolopo22 says:

    Been watching your videos for a few years now, they always give off such a nice, calming vibe, which is always welcome, especially after long and stressful days at work. Thank you for making us smile and in general making us feel good by sharing these experiences with you.

    P.S. Appreciate the temp. unit conversion at 1:44, I’ve always had to convert °F to °C before. 🙂

  9. Sheila Hauser says:

    Also if you make a checklist for yourself for the essential if you’re going to need every time you leave, you can always check out things as you pack them. Make one laminated leave it in the truck that way every time you can check off everything you need as you pack it

  10. Chris Nguyen says:

    it’s so great to see you motivated and refreshed after this new build! definitely excited to see your new journey with this new setup and looking forward for new content ✌🏻

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