How Sports Got Their Names

How Sports Got Their Names

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This sketch was originally made for the 2022 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference- big thanks to Daryl Morey!

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44 Responses

  1. hard2hurt says:

    They definitely should call American football “Shoulderball.”

  2. Roberto Lanzone says:

    The absolute subversion of expectations with “rugwasp” got me. Especially with that long pause to make sure everyone expects the obvious punchline and then his emphatic delivery “…WASP!” 😂

  3. Squidge Rugby says:

    So relieved to finally know where this sport’s dumb name came from

  4. s0s2 says:

    Sometimes I want to found a giant company of something just so I can sponsor Ryan and get featured by the Adstronaut.

  5. BaselVisions says:

    These are getting increasingly smarter and smarter lol. I can’t stress how much I appreciate this enough.

  6. Laugh Boys says:

    Can’t believe Ryan got an actual British guy that looks just like him for this sketch.

    • Josiah Taylor says:

      @• Caitfish • As a British person myself, I can say Ryan’s impression was actually not bad. In fact, it was rather good for a comedic one, most people act like we just speak in a slurred shouting drunkard voice all the time, and I really don’t know where that stereotype came from. Ryan’s British accent in this video didn’t sound like my accent, but there are certain regions of Britain where it would be plausible for somebody to sound like that. So I wouldn’t say ‘Thats not what actual british people sound like’ is an entirely true statement.

    • DinkyDoo! says:

      Wicked innit.

    • CrazyEyesKillah says:

      @• Caitfish • It’s 100% an authentic British accent from Cornwall, Isle of Skye, Durham and Bognor Regis. All have this exact accent!

    • Cyber Dalek says:

      At least this comment acknowledges that there’s multiple accents in England by saying “a British accent” rather than “the British accent”.

    • Roy Allan says:


  7. raydunakin says:

    Ironically, Harry’s product makes your face unhairy.

  8. Zi Ji says:

    I wanna see “How instruments got their names”.

    This one should be like the vegetable video where the names are unintended puns, I think Ryan could come up with some very good ideas for that.

    • Würfel Schreiber says:

      Boss: Okay, what about this stick instrument here?

      Bana- fan: Bana!

      Team leader: Aren’t you that guy from the fruit naming department who got tranfered because he tried to name things after actors he likes?

      Bana- fan: I… maybe. Who knows…

      Team leader: So yeah, we are not naming things after actors here!

      Bana- fan: That’s fine, that’s fine… I was actually gonna name it Banana.

      Team leader: That’s the name of a fruit! We also don’t name it after a fruit.

      Boss: We name it a flute? Yes sure.

    • kaushal suvarna says:

      There’s one already for hammers etc

    • Invisible man says:

      @JestelYT Or like

      Boss: okay this what did you guys come up for this
      Ryan 1: Oh we assigned that to Joe where’s he at?
      Ryan 2: we fired him
      Ryan 3: what? Why?
      Ryan 2: he was being perverted in the bathrooms
      Ryan 1: Oh…My god.
      Boss: Guys can we keep on the topic? Who had this instrument again?
      Ryan 3: It was Joe
      Boss: well wheres Joe
      Ryan 2: we’ll you see, we had to ban Joe
      Boss: Banjo, yep that works

    • JestelYT says:

      There should be one like:

      Boss: Okay this one

      Ryan 1: Pao

      Ryan 2: Excuse me?

      Ryan 1: Pao, it’s a good name

      Ryan 3: not trying to be mean, but that’s the worst name ever

      Ryan 1: okay then just, do something with P & O

      Boss: Piano, Okay then

    • JestelYT says:

      @han090 I think it should be like

      Boss: Okay guys what should we call this?

      Ryan 1: The Bow scraper

      Ryan 2: Ouch

      Ryan 1: What?

      Ryan 2: It’s eerie it sounds so violent

      Boss: guys whats going on?

      Ryan 2: This guy wants to associate the names with violence

      Boss: Violins, weird name but it works

  9. Jay Mercer says:

    I’m glad Ryan was so inclusive that for his British accent he managed to combine not only every regional accent within the UK but also every accent in the commonwealth.

  10. raydunakin says:

    “I don’t understand how these get airborne!” LOL!!!

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