My First Time Playing D&D

My First Time Playing D&D

roll for you to watch this video and say it was funny and great and jaiden is so awesome oh look at that a nat 20

SFX- SirMeowMusic:

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Dee Helm:
Leslie V
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30 Responses

  1. Ranboo says:

    THIS WAS AWESOME :DDD I can’t wait to turn more people into different bugs

  2. Mr Cheese says:

    I love it when the worm said “it’s worming time” and wormed all over the place causing Zoot to scream. Truly the clay of all time.

  3. StellarLimpkin says:

    Doing this with Ranboo and Charlie must be absolutely hilarious

  4. SillySyrup says:

    As a D&D player and a forever DM myself, I see this as an absolute win.

  5. Caleb Ilo says:

    just wanna say i loved seeing the Vox Machina and Fool’s Gold references in the video and the tiny details in your animations are always the things that i get the biggest kick out of, much love

  6. Caprissa Lyn says:

    THIS VIDEO WAS SO FUN- Jaiden and her team are so good at story telling and animation!

  7. Slimecicle says:

    This was without question the most unhinged inhumane group of total psycho characters I have ever DMed for. When are you free for session 2?

  8. NicTacToe says:

    Jaiden’s emotional manipulation was the best part of the stream lmaooo

  9. Steve says:

    As a huge fan of both dnd and Jaiden, i knew this was going to be pretty unhinged, but damn. You guys blew away all expectations. There is nothing better than when someone super creative plays dnd for the first time. My favorite is when people come with super creative ways to use different spells. Using disguise self to lure in the baddy and then acid breathing him in the face was gold! Also something about a character with pauls backstory wielding a greataxe just really tickled my funny bone 😂

  10. GlitchAndSun says:

    THE STORY TELLING WAS SO GOOD (I didn’t expect Ranboo and Slim Cicle to be here). Jaiden just running from her responsibilities in the first 1/3 of the video

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