Stanford Cardinal vs. Colorado Buffaloes | Full Game Highlights

Stanford Cardinal vs. Colorado Buffaloes | Full Game Highlights

The Stanford Cardinal complete the largest comeback in school history by defeating the Colorado Buffaloes, 46-43, in double overtime. Shedeur Sanders threw for 400 YDS, 5 TD & 1 INT as Coach Prime’s squad jumped out to a 29-0 lead in the first half. Stanford WR Elic Ayomanor made 13 REC for 294 YDS & 3 TD in the win.

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44 Responses

  1. dogdeifiedgod says:

    I speak for all of the people who went to sleep when the score was 29-0. we are in complete shock.

    • Jeff Bradford says:

      I woke up and thought to myself I wonder if the over hit, checked the score and my jaw dropped

    • Leighton Wright says:

      Man…I woke up thinking, I wonder how bad the beating was. I ran straight to Deion’s post game interview when I saw the score.

    • Jamil_abdur-rashid says:

      I was definitely sleep by the 3rd quarter…like Stanford is trash..then woke up and 💩my pants.

    • Ethan says:

      I went to bed because I was so bored watching them dominate the 1st half. Then this…

    • Rick Rijuana Productions says:

      Right because ain’t not way I was watching what I thought was a easy blow out win. Woke up and saw the headline “Sanders talks about Colorados shocking loss”. Bish you lying to us 😮

  2. Goatbe Bryant says:

    #13 for stanford getting drafted just off this game 😂💯

  3. Eduardo Ruano says:

    That Ayomanor catch in OT 🥶🥶

  4. Erick Khan says:

    Travis Hunter got abused all game against some accountants from Stanford 💀 he needs to stay at WR before NFL players toy with him

    • leonromeo says:

      you dont go to stanford to become an accountant erick lol

    • Chinfuzz Chet says:

      He can’t handle big physical wrs.

    • Zenigundam says:

      Colorado doesn’t deserve the attention that it’s received. It’s all political. ESPN, FOX, and the other major television networks need to give Colorado a lot of coverage to target a certain demographic that normally isn’t all that interested in college football outside of the national championship game.

    • Bruss813 says:

      Dude didn’t practice for 3 weeks and played both ways the entire game. He’s just rusty at corner right now.

    • TheSilverSky says:

      ​@Bruss813 that’s a coaching failure, Travis is for sure super talented, but leaving him out there in the 4th and OT to get abused is coaching malpractice.

  5. Arturos Michelangeli says:

    A ton of people are talking as if this is another chapter in the Colorado/Sanders story. What about the Stanford story? What guts they showed. Inspiring.

    • Karl Hallesy says:

      s were so biased. They said nothing good about Stanford. And the Colorado players were so cocky while getting their huge lead. I went into the game wanting Colorado but the announcers were so biased I switched and wanted Stanford. Just rewatch this game and listen to those announcers. Colorado is now in 11th in the Pac 12 and they lost to Stanford. They are improved but how good would they be without the coaches sons

  6. Anthony Mosley says:

    Hunter with the bonehead penalty for unnecessary roughness, the moronic pick by Sanders in OT were two plays that propelled Stanford to victory. The two biggest stars did their part to ensure the loss. Good job fellas, Stanford fans appreciate it.

  7. Dats a paddlin says:

    Blowing a 29 point lead to a 1-4 team at home is NASTY WORK 🤮🤮🤮. They choked to some future Software engineers man 😂

  8. Matthew L says:

    I noticed most plays either relied too much on Travis Hunter on offense or he was the main corner to lock down the receiver on defense, he’s getting no rest between quarters! This could be why they started to lose momentum during the final quarter.

  9. Zack S says:

    Man its crazy stanford players didnt give up down 29-0 in the third. Yet coach prime team clearly did. Props to Stanford coaching staff for keeping them in the fight. Must have been a great halftime speech. I suppose the Colorado halftime involved checking social media and taking selfies

  10. Bernie Wilitz says:

    The football gods have spoken. They didnt like that 2 point trickery when you’re up 20. And Weavers jog in the end zone sealed it. It was over for Colorado at that point.

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